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Chapter 1324: 1324 Long Yang Was Livid With Fury

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1324 Long Yang Was Livid With Fury

Twiddling their son’s delicate fingers, Long Yang furrowed his brow and said, “He sleeps even more than his two sisters. When they’re playing, he’s always sleeping. He’s a boy; he can’t develop a lazy attitude.”

Naturally, Lu Liangwei was aware that her son was always sleeping. Compared with her two daughters, he was indeed a little too quiet.

However, she did not find it a problem.

For a four-month-old baby, his daily routine mainly consisted of sleeping.

Therefore, she was startled by Long Yang’s words. “So you want him to start learning how to handle state affairs at this age?”

“He can’t learn anything at this age, of course, but being exposed to the right environment will help him internalize good habits. This will be useful to him when he grows up and starts handling state affairs himself.” Long Yang had his own considerations as well.

Yin’er was a boy; he could not be compared with his two younger sisters.

Besides, it was impossible for him and Weiwei to have any more children.

Even if Weiwei was still able to bear children, he would not let it happen either.

The last thing he wanted was to let Weiwei go through another horrifying labor.

Since it was impossible for them to have another son, the future of Great Shang would certainly rest on Yin’er’s shoulders.

He believed that education should start from the cradle so that Yin’er could undertake the responsibility of protecting Great Shang in the future.

Lu Liangwei was a little hesitant. “But Yin’er’s still so young. Won’t it be too tiring for him?”

“Why’d he be tired when I’m the one who has to hold him while marking Palace Memorials?” Long Yang shot her a look.

Lu Liangwei laughed sheepishly. “Well, you don’t have to tire yourself. Yin’er’s still so young; it’s not too late to let him start learning when he’s a bit older.”

“He’s already four months old. He’s not that young.” Long Yang frowned.

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. Since he had already made up his mind, she did not try to persuade him any further – as long as he did not find it too much of a hassle.

Lu Liangwei gave her son a look of sympathy for having to learn the ropes at such an early age.

In the end, Long Yang only felt like spanking Long Yin the following day.

He had been pretty quiet in the morning, and he had even actively expressed interest in state affairs, unlike his usual sluggish demeanor.

However, in the afternoon, Long Yin suddenly peed on Long Yang without warning.

Long Yang stared at the drenched hem of his robe, the vein on his forehead bulging.

Zhao Qian froze, completely forgetting how to react until Long Yang roared in exasperation, “Long Yin!”

Jerking back to reality, he hastily took the Prince from his master’s arms for fear that his master would start spanking him the next second.

Peering at his master’s glowering face, Zhao Qian gulped and offered cautiously, “Master, do you need me to fetch you a clean robe?”

“No.” Long Yang was livid with fury. He could no longer sit down and continue working in wet clothes, so he grabbed Long Yin by the scruff of his neck and stormed back to Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei was playing with Ji’er and Yaoyao on the bed, and she jumped when a seething Long Yang swept into the room, carrying Yin’er like a rag doll.

“Why are you carrying him like that? What if he falls?” Collecting herself, she quickly hopped off the bed.

“Get out.” Instead of answering her, Long Yang growled an order to the servants, his face like thunder.

The servants immediately scuttled out of the room, too scared to stay a second longer.

“What’s wrong?” Lu Liangwei was puzzled to see him in such a foul mood.

He had praised Yin’er during lunch just now, so why was he back and looking so murderous?

Just as she was wondering to herself, her gaze fell on the hem of his robe.

There was a suspicious wet stain on it.

The answer came to her all at once, but before she could speak, Long Yang thrusted their son into her arms irritably, spun on his heel, and stalked into the inner hall.

Lu Liangwei’s speculation was confirmed when she felt the wetness on Long Yin’s pants, and she could not help bursting into laughter.

The Emperor was a germaphobe, and she could imagine how he must have felt when their son had urinated on him out of the blue.

However, she did not pity him at all; in fact, she was very much amused by his misfortune.

She tapped their son on his nose, doubling over with laughter. “My darling, I can’t believe you peed on your father! You really are a bold one, aren’t you?” She cupped his face and planted a kiss on his cheek.

Long Yang heard her as he was changing in the inner hall, and his face grew darker.

How dare that girl relish in his misfortune?


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