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Chapter 1334: 1334

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1334 They Looked Too Stunning

Frightened, Lin Qingyuan stammered, “It…It can’t be that serious.”

Long Xuan snorted. “It could even be more serious than that. Don’t think that you can be this reckless just because you are close to Her Highness. If you end up angering my Royal Uncle, it won’t be just you, but the entire Lin family will be in trouble.”

Lin Qingyuan was greatly unnerved by this.

It took her quite a while before she managed to say hesitantly, “Well, Her Highness isn’t here now, right?”

“Her Highness is generous and doesn’t blame you for this. She was even worried because you’re coming here on your own and it might be dangerous, which is why she asked me to protect you. However, you can’t take this for granted just because Her Highness treats you well.” Long Xuan frowned.

He had not really wanted to come here tonight.

Even though he was friends with Yan Ruyu, he rarely came to such places.

Nevertheless, Yan Ruyu was officially leaving Peony Pavilion tonight and she needed his support, which was why he had agreed to his Royal Aunt’s request to protect Lin Qingyuan. It was a matter of convenience anyway.

Lin Qingyuan lowered her head after she heard his words. She felt she had done something wrong.

With this in mind, she gave up the notion of vising Peony Pavilion.

Now that she had calmed down enough to think rationally, these places really were not suitable for a woman like her to visit.

“I’ll go back then,” she said and walked to the end of the alley.

Long Xuan reflected on his actions when he saw how dejected she looked. Had he been too stern with her?

At this thought, he quickly walked up behind her. He used the fan in his hand to hit her lightly on the head. “Since we’re already here, let’s just go in and take a look.”

Lin Qingyuan lifted her head to glance at him. She hesitated and asked, “Can I go in?”

Long Xuan pondered about this. “With me around, yes.”

Lin Qingyuan glanced at him from the corner of her eyes.

Long Xuan paused a moment. “It’s not safe for a woman like you to enter such premises, after all. But with someone accompanying you, it should be fine.”

Lin Qingyuan scoffed. “Do I need you to tell me that? If it wasn’t for that exact reason, I wouldn’t have invited Her Highness to come along with me.”

“Her Highness is of noble status. How could she come to a place like this? You shouldn’t try something stupid like this in the future.”

“You’re so noisy!” Lin Qingyuan snapped as she suddenly turned around to march toward Peony Pavilion.

She was already here, anyway. What was the harm in taking a look?

Shaking his head, Long Xuan followed behind her into Peony Pavilion.

Peony Pavilion was exceptionally crowded tonight.

With Peony Pavilion’s status as the largest brothel in the imperial capital, the choosing of its leading courtesan had attracted many people.

When the two of them got in, there were no seats left inside.

If Long Xuan had not personally known the brothel madam, they would not have gotten a seat.

When the brothel madam found out Long Xuan was here, she came out to welcome him herself and arranged a seat for them.

“Are you here to see Ruyu, Young Master?” Even though the brothel madam was smiling, there was a different type of look in her eyes.

With a smile, she continued to say, “Ruyu is in the backyard right now. You may find her there, Young Master.”

“Alright. I’ll see her in a moment.” Long Xuan nodded.

With that done, the brothel madam left to serve the other special guests.

Long Xuan and Lin Qingyuan took their seats.

Right then, a pair of young men walked through the door.

Even though all of tonight’s attendants were people of status, when those two walked in, it immediately attracted Lin Qingyuan’s attention.

Both of them looked too stunning.

Even though they tried to keep a low profile, the charisma they carried could not be hidden.

Lin Qingyuan almost dropped her cup onto the table when she saw them.

“What are they doing here?” She looked in the direction of the door with bulging eyes. She thought she must be imagining things.

Long Xuan looked over as well. When he saw who the newcomers were, he almost fell off his chair.

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