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Chapter 1337: 1337 Could Not Help Applauding The Beauty

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1337 Could Not Help Applauding The Beauty

Cold sweat dripped from Long Xuan’s forehead. He forced himself to explain, “Miss Yan is a woman with a sad story. I am friends with Miss Yan, but there is nothing else other than that.”

Long Yang said nothing after listening to him. One wondered if Long Yang believed his words.

Long Xuan was secretly relieved, but he kept shooting Lin Qingyuan unfriendly looks.

Lin Qingyuan was oblivious to this as she was watching Xia Luo performing on stage happily.

Lu Liangwei watched Xia Luo dancing on stage. It was a regular performance. Her dancing may be graceful, but the dancers in the Palace did better in such a dance. Lu Liangwei found her to be quite mediocre after watching the dance. Besides the special charm about her, there was nothing else and Lu Liangwei lost interest after a while.

However, Xia Luo’s dancing still managed to attract a big group of customers.

This was because of Xia Luo’s beauty. Moreover, she was still a virgin and every one of those people wanted to be the first man to have her. That was why the customers below the stage gave her enthusiastic applause and kept whistling at her.

The atmosphere became quite rowdy in an instant.

Long Yang noticed Lu Liangwei losing interest and was about to leave with her when strange drumming began playing.

It was unlike the soft and gentle zither. The drumming was intense and the rhythm was fast-paced. It excited those who heard it for some reason.

The people who were intoxicated by Xia Luo’s beauty could not help turning toward the direction of the drumming.

They saw a woman in red at the banister on the second floor, and she slid down from it.

Her graceful movement, along with the billowing of her fiery red dress made her look like she was on fire as she slid fast toward the crowd.

Everyone’s gaze was focused on her in that instant.

Her unique appearance first stunned everyone in the hall into silence. When the crowd finally snapped out of it, there was a loud commotion which was followed by thunderous applause.

The woman in red walked up the high stage amidst everyone’s excited shouting.

After that, she slowly turned around and said something astonishing in Chinese nonfluently, “I don’t know any literature, how to paint, nor play chess. I can’t even dance. However, I know how to do something the women of Great Shang can’t. Such as turning a somersault.”

Lu Liangwei burst out laughing when she heard this.

She was thinking how interesting this woman was to do something so unexpected.

First, she made a unique appearance. After that, she suggested an unusual talent performance.

This was different from traditional performances. She actually wanted to turn somersaults.

Before everyone could react, the woman really did turn somersaults on the stage.

This was accompanied by the intense drumming. The more intense the drumming, the faster she turned her somersaults. She looked like a ball of flame.

One wondered how many somersaults she turned. It was until she stopped that everyone snapped out of it and stared at her in a daze.

Unlike the end of Xia Luo’s performance when everyone gave her a big applause, this time, it looked like everyone had forgotten how to react.

The young woman stood on the stage for a while and watched the crowd’s reaction. She wondered if that was a good or bad reaction. She took two steps forward and decided to take off the veil on her face.

Lin Qingyuan was astonished to see the woman’s face.

“She’s really beautiful.”

Lu Liangwei was astonished as well.

If Xia Luo was like an orchid from a mysterious valley with a cold yet elegant charm, this woman would be a brightly-colored Peony that burned with a passionate charm.

Both were different types of beauties.

The atmosphere below the stage began to get rowdy again.

The applause went on for a long time, which was even more enthusiastic than Luo Xia’s.

Lu Liangwei could not help applauding the beauty. She wanted to turn and speak to Long Yang when she noticed his gaze was also stuck on the young woman, who was like a fiercely burning ball of fire, on stage.

A smile seemed to flash in his dark, unfathomable eyes.

Lu Liangwei raised an eyebrow. “You think she’s really beautiful too, right?”

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