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Chapter 1350: 1350

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1350 Witnessed An Unbelievable Sight

When she saw him trying to push his luck, Chu Jiu got a little angry. She was about to move away when he grabbed her tightly around the waist.

“What are you doing?” Chu Jiu got anxious, afraid of being seen by someone.

“I won’t let go if you don’t kiss me,” Lu Tingchen said obstinately.

Chu Jiu punched him in the chest angrily. “Don’t go overboard!”

“Give me a kiss and I’ll stop teasing you.” Lu Tingchen pulled on her hand and pressed it against his chest. His dark eyes stared passionately into her eyes.

Chu Jiu got even more anxious. She wanted to slip away from his embrace. She looked around and when she was sure no one was there, she stood on tip-toe and kissed him on the corner of his lips.

She was about to move away when a cough suddenly came from behind the pillar.

Her body stiffened. She wished fervently to disappear from the spot.

Zhao Qian, Chu Yi, Chu Qi, and Long Xuan all appeared from behind the pillar.

The four of them stood where they were. It was impossible to tell how long they had been standing there. They could not hide the shocked expression on their faces, looking like they had just witnessed an unbelievable sight.

The four of them looked at her with the same expression, as if forgetting how to react.

Chu Jiu’s face turned bright red. Her arms were still around Lu Tingchen’s waist.

From their point of view, it looked like Chu Jiu was the one who took the initiative.

Chu Qi was the first to react. He darted a look at both of them, then turned to enter the main hall.

Long Xuan was next.

He walked past them and patted Lu Tingchen on the shoulder. He said, “Sorry to bother you. Please continue.” With that, he gave a purposeful laugh and entered the main hall too.

Lu Tingchen already realized there were people behind them from Chu Jiu’s reaction.

When Long Xuan patted his shoulder, his dark eyes narrowed.

That stupid Long Xuan should have just quietly disappeared when he knew he was bothering them. Why did he need to say something like that?

Chu Yi coughed lightly and smiled at them as he said, “Congratulations to both of you. Looks like we’ll be hearing good news from you soon. Do remember to invite me to your wedding.”

Lu Tingchen was surprised.

He had not expected Chu Yi, who had the glibbest tongue among them, to let go of the opportunity to tease them.

It was only after Chu Yi had gone into the main hall that Zhao Qian snapped out of his trance. He wiped his face with great emotion.

Even though he already knew that the two had become a couple, he did not expect to still feel so touched to see it for himself.

“Even though you’re getting engaged soon, you still need to control yourself. You’re not married yet, after all.” Zhao Qian coughed softly at the end of his sentence.

Chu Jiu’s face was so red, one could almost see blood gushing from it. Her head lowered deeply and she wished for nothing more than a hole she could hide in.

Fortunately, Zhao Qian did not say anything more. All he did was give Lu Tingchen a look and turned to enter the hall.

Chu Jiu finally reacted after no one was left around them. She pushed Lu Tingchen away and glared at him angrily. “This is all your fault. Are you happy now…” She was completely embarrassed. The most crucial thing about this was how people were going to judge her from now on.

It was terrible luck that she was the one who had taken initiative just now.

She felt too embarrassed to see anyone now.

The thought of everyone at the banquet made her want to leave. “I’m not going in. You should go by yourself.” With that, she turned to leave.

Lu Tingchen quickly grabbed her wrist. He gave this some thought and said, “There isn’t really anything serious about this. We’re about to get engaged soon, anyway. Besides, Chu Yi and the others are people we know. They won’t spread rumors. If you suddenly decide not to attend, what would Weiwei, Grandmother, and the others think? Come on, let’s go in.”

Chu Jiu frowned and pulled her wrist away from his hand. “Let go of me. I can walk in by myself.”

Lu Tingchen did not give her any trouble this time and released her hand happily. He walked in front of her.

Chu Jiu took a deep breath before forcing herself to follow.

The moment Chu Qi entered the hall, Ji’er immediately reached out her little hands from Lu Liangwei’s arms, asking him to carry her.

A pleased look flashed in his dark eyes as he walked toward her. He took the baby from Lu Liangwei’s arms and sat quietly at the side.


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