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Chapter 1351: 1351 Gave Off A Feeling Of Loneliness

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1351 Gave Off A Feeling Of Loneliness

Lu Liangwei was about to say something when she saw Long Xuan walking in, clearly trying to hold in his laughter. Next to come in was Chu Yi, but he looked quite normal. However, Zhao Qian, who was next in line, walked in with a grim expression.

She was a little puzzled about all this when she saw her big brother and Jiu come in as well.

Her gaze stopped on Jiu’s face, which was still blushing, and she guessed what had happened. However, she said nothing and merely invited Jiu to have a seat.

Chu Jiu was relieved when Long Xuan and the others made no mention of what had happened. She was about to find a seat for herself when Ling Lihua waved her over. “Jiu, come here and sit next to me.”

Chu Jiu went over obediently.

Ling Lihua praised her incessantly when she saw how Chu Jiu was dressed up.

Chu Jiu did not like everyone’s attention on her and she was thankful that the banquet began very soon.

It was rare for everyone to be gathered in one place, and drinking could not be avoided.

Everyone at the banquet besides Lu Liangwei and Chu Jiu drank heartily and enjoyed the alcohol. Even though the Dowager Duchess enjoyed drinking, she could not drink because of her old age.

When Lu Liangwei saw everyone drinking except for Chu Qi, who was sitting in the corner with Ji’er in his arms, she was a little curious. He did not so much as touch his wine cup.

She wondered if Chu Qi could drink at all.

She watched the young man sitting in the corner. He gave off a feeling of loneliness. She called out to him, “Lil Qi, give Ji’er to me. It’s rare for everyone to be drinking together. You should have a few drinks with the others.”

Chu Qi lifted his gaze and looked at the wine cup in front of him when he heard her. He shook his head. “I don’t drink.”

Right then, Chu Yi clapped a hand on Chu Qi’s shoulder. He smiled and said, “Lil Qi, you’re already fifteen this year. You’re an adult now and you can start drinking. Go on, have a cup.” With that, he took a cup of wine and gave it to Chu Qi.

Long Xuan began encouraging him as well. “That’s right. It’s rare for all of us to be drinking here together. Don’t just sit there by yourself. Have a cup.”

Chu Qi pushed Chu Yi away with slight disdain. “I’m not drinking.” With that, he carried Ji’er and got up. He said to Long Yang and Lu Liangwei, “It’s getting late. I’ll bring Ji’er back.”

“Alright. Go on.” Long Yang nodded and did not force him.

Chu Qi did not stay a moment longer. He carried Ji’er and left.

As she watched the young man’s lonely figure, Lu Liangwei said, “I’ve always thought that Lil Qi could drink. I never knew that he doesn’t.”

Long Yang glanced at her and raised an eyebrow. “How can you be sure he doesn’t drink? He just drinks when no one is around.”

Lu Liangwei did not think so. “If he was a drinker, he would not hesitate when he looked at the alcohol.” With that, she looked at him with slight disdain. “It’s just like you, my big brother, and the others. All of you love drinking, which is why your eyes light up when you see alcohol.”

Long Yang’s deep eyes narrowed. Why did he detect disdain in her tone?

“Do you dislike me drinking?”

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “What if I do?”

Long Yang paused. “Then I’ll drink less.”

Lu Liangwei pouted. “I thought you would say that you’ll never drink ever again.”

Long Yang laughed out loud. “Why should I abstain from drinking when I’m a great drinker? When have you ever seen me drunk?”

Lu Liangwei was taken aback.

He was right.

His Majesty could drink a lot. She had never seen him drunk before except the time he pretended to be.

As for herself, she had fallen drunk in front of him several times. She was a weak drinker and it always showed an embarrassing side of her, which was why she did not enjoy drinking.

“Alright. Drink if you want,” Lu Liangwei replied helplessly. As she looked at his handsome face under the light, she could not help reminding him, “Even though you’re a good drinker, alcohol will harm your health. You should stop after you’re done with this batch of drinks.”

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