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Chapter 1352: 1352 His Majesty Has Always Been The Calm And Sensible Type

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1352 His Majesty Has Always Been The Calm And Sensible Type

With that, she carried Yaoyao over from her mother’s arms.

Her mother loved drinking as well. She could not allow her children to learn from all of them while growing up. What if they turn out to be alcoholics?

“Grandmother, do you want to sit here or accompany me in my bedchamber?” She looked at the Dowager Duchess and asked.

The Dowager Duchess waved her off. “It’s fine. I won’t torture myself here. I’ll leave the Palace once they are done this round.” With that, she passed Long Yin over to Zhu Yu, not bearing to part from him. “Bring the children back. We don’t want them reeking of alcohol.”

Lu Liangwei did not push her any further and left with Yaoyao in her arms.

Zhu Yu carried Long Yin and when she passed by Chu Yi, she said in a low voice, “Brother Chu Yi, you shouldn’t drink too much either. Remember to come home earlier to rest.”

Chu Yi was about to cheers Long Xuan when he heard those caring words from his little wife. He immediately felt his drink was not as delicious as he thought. He quickly put the cup down and replied, “Alright.”

Zhu Yu smiled happily and followed behind Lu Liangwei with Long Yin in her arms.

When Chu Jiu saw Lu Liangwei and Zhu Yu leaving, she got up to follow suit.

When Lu Tingchen saw this, he quickly gulped the drink in his hand and chased after her.

Long Xuan clicked his tongue. “Would the few of you die without women?”

Long Yang darted a look at him. “I remember that your deadline of half a month is almost up. How are things going? Have you found a match that you like?”

Long Xuan choked. It felt like someone had gotten a hold of him and he could not move.

Chu Yi laughed without holding back when he saw Long Xuan being held speechless.

Ling Lihua continued entertaining the rest as she said, “Come on, let’s have a few more rounds.”

Long Yang lifted his cup and clinked hers.

Ling Lihua liked this about him.

She enjoyed drinking and it was nice that her son and son-in-law were strong drinkers. It was only when drinking that this Emperor son-in-law of hers was more relatable and he no longer seemed like someone unreachable.

Chu Jiu had just left the main hall when Lu Tingchen caught up to her and held her back.

Lu Liangwei and Zhu Yu, who were in front of them, could not help laughing when they saw this.

“Why aren’t you drinking, Big Brother?” Lu Liangwei teased him on purpose. Yaoyao, who was in her arms, stared at her uncle with her beautiful eyes, which were filled with curiosity.

Lu Tingchen was not deterred by his younger sister’s teasing, but when his eyes met his niece’s crystal-clear eyes, he hesitated.

He released Chu Jiu before she said anything.

He rubbed his palms and said, “Well, it’s really dark right now and I’m worried for your safety. I’m here to walk you back.”

Lu Liangwei rolled her eyes. “Big Brother, that’s a really lousy excuse. My bedchamber is right there. Even if this place was completely dark, we can get back without any trouble, especially when it’s so bright around here.”

Lu Tingchen looked toward the direction of the bedchamber, which was about ten steps away. “…”

The corner of Chu Jiu’s lips twitched. “You should go back.” He should stop embarrassing himself.

When Lu Liangwei saw how much her big brother was not willing to leave. She sighed and left while pulling Zhu Yu along.

When they returned to her bedchamber, Zhu Yu said with feeling, “I had no idea Heir Presumptive Lu had this side to him.”

Lu Liangwei was tickled by this and said, “I bet Chu Yi is the same, isn’t he? All I can say is that men would become silly things once they fall for a woman.”

In a rare moment, Zhu Yu joked as well. “Is it the same with His Majesty?”

Lu Liangwei gave this some thought and replied with a laugh, “I think he has always been the calm and sensible type.”

After they had bathed the children and the nannies were done feeding them, they put the children to sleep.

When Zhu Yu saw that there was nothing else to help with, she took her leave.

Lu Liangwei cleaned up as well. When she walked out of the bathroom, she saw Long Yang had returned while was cleaning up. He was sitting lazily on the soft bed while drinking tea.

One of his long, slender legs was perched on the side of the bed while his head leaned against his palm. His other hand was holding a cup of tea, which he was sipping slowly.

When he heard the noise Weiwei made, his almond-shaped eyes lifted and a smile appeared on his lips. “Come over here, Weiwei.”


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