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Chapter 1372: 1372

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1372 Now’s The Perfect Time To Get Pregnant

Yin’er was a boy; she did not want him to become delicate and touchy.

Besides, it was just a harmless fall.

Yaoyao and Ji’er were different because they were girls. If they had fallen, she would have rushed over to them.

“You seem out of sorts today, Qingyuan. Are you not feeling well?” Looking at Lin Qingyuan, who was unusually silent in her seat, Long Qingzhi asked in concern.

Lin Qingyuan was resting her chin in her palm and toying with the cup in front of her. Hearing Long Qingzhi’s question, she blinked as she recovered from her daze and pointed at herself. “Me? No.”

“Then why are you so quiet today?” Lu Liangwei had noticed it as well and could not help being curious.

“When I talk a lot, you complain that I’m too noisy, but now that I’m trying to act like a demure young lady, you think I’m not feeling well.” Lin Qingyuan sighed wearily.

Lu Liangwei gave her an amused look. “Then you can stop acting. It’s tiring just to watch you.”

Lin Qingyuan smiled and did not bicker with her, much to Lu Liangwei’s astonishment.

Lu Liangwei arched an eyebrow at her abnormal reaction and asked, “Did you fight with Long Xuan again?”

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback by the sudden mention of his name. “Who?”

Long Qingzhi laughed. “Earth to Qingyuan! Did you just forget your own husband’s name?”

When Lin Qingyuan finally registered who they were talking about, she pursed her lips. “I didn’t forget his name. His existence just slipped my mind for a second.”

Lu Liangwei and the others exchanged puzzled glances.

What did she mean by that?

Even Chu Jiu could not help asking, “How long has it been since you last saw Long Xuan?”

“You live in the same house. Isn’t it kind of impossible for you not to run into each other?” Long Qingzhi was perplexed as well.

“It’s true. I haven’t seen him for many days—heaven knows where he’s run off to,” Lin Qingyuan replied airily, seemingly unbothered by Long Xuan’s absence.

However, the other three women caught a trace of loneliness in her eyes.

“I think he’s in the imperial study. I’ll get someone to invite him here later,” Lu Liangwei offered. “Since everyone’s here today, let’s have lunch together.”

“No! I don’t want to see him,” Lin Qingyuan hastily stopped her, although she herself had no idea why—she just did not feel like seeing him at this moment.

“My brother’s here, and all of you are here too. Let’s just set up a table in the waterside pavilion as a simple get-together,” Lu Liangwei concluded.

Lin Qingyuan opened her mouth to protest but eventually stopped herself from being a wet blanket.

Lu Liangwei then gave orders to the servants.

Just then, Zhu Yu retched and dashed off with a hand over her mouth.

The people in the pavilion looked at each other in confusion.

Being the calmest person out of them all, Long Qingzhi was the first to regain her composure and smile. “I believe Zhu Yu’s pregnant.”

Worried, Lu Liangwei got up to follow Zhu Yu and check on her. At that moment, Zhu Yu returned with a handkerchief covering her mouth, her face slightly pale.

Lu Liangwei hurriedly made her sit, took her pulse, and asked her about her menstruation.

Having served her for so long, Zhu Yu vaguely realized that she could be pregnant, and she stammered a little as she answered, “I’m half a month late.”

Lu Liangwei exclaimed joyfully, “You’re pregnant!”

“Congratulations, Zhu Yu!” Chu Jiu took her hand, feeling genuinely happy for her.

Long Qingzhi smiled as well. “Chu Yi’s going to jump for joy when he finds out.”

Lin Qingyuan was flabbergasted. “You two are really making fast progress, huh.”

Long Qingzhi glanced at her and chuckled. “They’ve been married for more than three months. Now’s the perfect time for her to get pregnant.”


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