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Chapter 1373: 1373

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1373 I’m Not Ready Yet

“Zhu Yu, from today onward, let the other servants handle everything. You need to rest and prepare yourself for childbirth.” Lu Liangwei did not forget to pass instructions even amidst her delight.

Zhu Yu was perturbed to hear that she was not to work. “Miss, I’m not that delicate. I’m just pregnant—it’s not like I’m going to give birth anytime soon.”

Long Qingzhi burst out laughing. “What a strong girl she is! When people find out that they’re pregnant, they’re either delighted or afraid of giving birth, but to her, it’s like an everyday thing.”

Lu Liangwei laughed as well. “Even if I allowed you to keep working, Chu Yi wouldn’t agree to it. He’s not that young anymore, and I believe he’s been longing to have a child with you. Now that you’re pregnant, I bet he’ll protect you like you’re some kind of fragile item.”

Zhu Yu blushed. “You’re being dramatic, Miss.” Although Chu Yi had indeed expressed that he wanted a child, she had not expected that she would conceive so soon.

She touched her stomach, not quite sure how to feel about the news. However, when she caught sight of the lovely and clever Prince and Princesses, she started to look forward to the arrival of her child.

“Oh, it’ll only get more dramatic,” Lu Liangwei said teasingly, then turned to a servant beside her and ordered, “Go and tell Commander Chu Yi the good news.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The servant hurried off joyfully.

Figuring that Chu Yi would come over right away after receiving the news, Zhu Yu stamped her foot in embarrassment. “Miss, I’m not ready yet…”

“Ready for what? Of course you need to let Chu Yi know that you’re pregnant so he can be happy too,” Lu Liangwei said in amusement.

Long Qingzhi beamed. “It’s natural for women to bear children after getting married.” She then looked at Chu Jiu and Lin Qingyuan. “In fact, you two might already be pregnant now.”

Chu Jiu and Lin Qingyuan immediately blushed scarlet.

“There’s no need to be embarrassed. We all know what goes on between men and women,” Long Qingzhi said playfully.

Lu Liangwei was not surprised to see Chu Jiu turn redder, but she was puzzled by Lin Qingyuan’s reaction.

That girl had never been ashamed of uttering vulgarities, so it was extremely unusual to see her blush because of a teasing remark from Royal Sister.

Suppressing her suspicion, Lu Liangwei stroked Chu Jiu’s stomach. “If you’re really pregnant, that’ll make me an aunt.”

Chu Jiu blushed even deeper and grabbed her hand. “That’s not going to happen anytime soon! Your brother and I just got married a few days ago, and Lin Qingyuan’s not even pregnant yet.”

Lin Qingyuan was startled to be suddenly used as a shield, and she pouted. “Why did you drag me into this conversation?”

While they were talking, Chu Yi hurried over, his face lit with delight.

However, when he saw the other women in the pavilion, he stopped at the bottom of the steps sheepishly.

“Brother Chu Yi!” Zhu Yu got up, informed Lu Liangwei briefly, and moved to descend the steps.

Chu Yi strode up to her at once and took her arm carefully.

Lu Liangwei and the others were moved by the sight.

They were amazed to see how much Chu Yi treasured Zhu Yu.

From his cautious movements, it was obvious that he cared deeply about Zhu Yu.

“Women really get treated differently when they’re pregnant,” Lin Qingyuan muttered a little enviously.

“Well, you should get pregnant too. I guarantee Long Xuan will treat you like how Chu Yi treats Zhu Yu,” Long Qingzhi said teasingly.

Remembering Long Xuan’s attitude, Lin Qingyuan pursed her lips and scoffed. “I don’t need that. Besides, there’s a world of difference between him and Chu Yi.”

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