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Chapter 1375: 1375

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1375 Just Have A Look And See If He Is Afraid

Lin Qingyuan did not try to hide it any longer when she saw Lu Liangwei had already guessed it. She stammered, “Yes, that’s right. We’ve already…”

She spoke halfway when she found herself too embarrassed to continue, especially at the memory of him helping her with the medicine. Her face suddenly turned bright red.

Lu Liangwei was surprised to see her blushing. When she saw Lin Qingyuan unable to continue, she figured out the reason and gave a light cough before saying, “Since you’re already husband and wife, why are still acting so lost?”

Lin Qingyuan was a little frustrated. “I have no idea either.”

“You haven’t seen each other in the past few days?” Lu Liangwei asked.

“Yes.” Lin Qingyuan answered with slight disappointment.

When Lu Liangwei noticed her reaction, she sighed. “Qingyuan, you obviously like him.”

“No, I don’t.” Lin Qingyuan immediately denied this and frowned.

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “Since you’re already married and have consummated your marriage, you should spend life well with Long Xuan. There is no need to let your imagination run wild and give yourself more worry. Besides, it’s not a bad thing for a woman to take initiative. His Majesty has recently given Long Xuan some work, which is why he’s been busy. There’s nothing unusual in that you haven’t been able to see him, but you can always go and find him when he returns to the mansion.”

On the surface, Lin Qingyuan did not look bothered by this, but she took Lu Liangwei’s words to heart.

Lu Liangwei was right. There was no reason for her not to take initiative to see Long Xuan.

He might be very busy, but he would still return to the mansion at the end of the day.

Lin Qingyuan felt much better at this thought.

However, she paused. Why should she be the one to look for Long Xuan? It did not really matter whether she saw him or not, anyway.

Lu Liangwei was amused by Lin Qingyuan’s behavior and she shook her head.

Lin Qingyuan might not be aware that her feelings for Long Xuan had changed without her realizing it, or it could be that she was simply not willing to admit it.

At noon, Long Yang brought Lu Tingchen and Long Xuan to the waterside pavilion at the imperial garden.

Lu Liangwei had ordered for lunch to be prepared and the three men arrived right on time.

When Long Yang walked over, Yaoyao appeared from Long Qingzhi’s arms and reached out her little hands, attempting to jump into his arms instead.

Long Yang quickened his steps when he saw this and took her in his arms.

Long Qingzhi caressed Yaoyao’s face and smiled helplessly. “This little girl was just enjoying being carried by me, but now that your father is here, you don’t want me anymore. Looks like Yaoyao really likes her father.”

Long Yang smiled tenderly and kissed Yaoyao on the forehead. After that, he wrapped an arm around Lu Liangwei’s waist.

Lu Tingchen went to Chu Jiu and reached out to take Long Yin from her. “Come here, Yin’er, let me carry you.”

Long Yin glanced at him lazily, but in the end, reached out to Lu Tingchen.

Lu Tingchen lifted him high.

Long Yin frowned momentarily, though he was not afraid. Chu Jiu was the one who was startled; she quickly tugged at his arm. “What are you doing? You’re scaring him.”

“You worry too much. Yin’er isn’t an ordinary child. He isn’t frightened at all. If you don’t believe me, just have a look and see if he is afraid.”

Chu Jiu observed Long Yin and realized that he was indeed not frightened. She felt relieved.

Long Xuan was the last to enter and was taken aback to see Lin Qingyuan sitting in a corner. Nevertheless, he walked nonchalantly toward her and sat next right next to her.

Lin Qingyuan stiffened and clenched her handkerchief.

Long Xuan did not notice this.

After everyone had taken their seats, he reached out to pour some soup for her.

“Drink up.” Long Xuan placed the bowl in front of her and even helped place a spoon in it for her considerately.

“Oh.” Lin Qingyuan picked up the spoon and stirred her soup distractedly.

While Long Xuan took a sip of the soup, he noticed Lin Qingyuan’s odd behavior and thought the soup was not to her liking, so he said, “You can give it to me if you don’t like it. I’ll get a different bowl for you.” He picked up her bowl and drank from it right after saying that, then scooped another type of soup for her.

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