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Chapter 1385: 1385

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1385 This Is Your Punishment

Bai He, who was lighting the way behind them with a lantern, hurriedly turned away at the sight.

Lin Qingyuan slammed her fist on Long Xuan but ended up being overpowered by him.

Only when she was panting heavily did Long Xuan release his hold on her.

Pressing his forehead to hers, he lifted a hand and stroked her silky hair. “This is your punishment.”

Lin Qingyuan was trying hard to catch her breath, and she glowered at him when she heard this. “For what?”

Long Xuan pointed at his red lips. “Who did this to me?”

Lin Qingyuan blushed at the sight of his moist lips, but when she remembered how she had deliberately served him spicy food at dinner, she felt a little guilty.

“How was I supposed to know you couldn’t handle spicy food?”

“Did you really not know, or did you do it on purpose?” Long Xuan lowered his head and regarded her scrutinizingly.

“I didn’t know.” Lin Qingyuan refused to admit the truth.

Long Xuan snorted. Without warning, he swooped her up into his arms and said to Bai He, “Lead the way.”

Bai He immediately turned around and walked ahead of them.

“Put me down!” Lin Qingyuan pounded her fist on Long Xuan’s chest in irritation.

Unfazed, Long Xuan retorted, “I don’t want you stumbling all over the place like a clumsy fool in this darkness.”

“You’re the clumsy fool!” Lin Qingyuan fumed even more. Oh, how much she longed to claw the heck out of that irritating face of his!

Long Xuan finally put her down when they arrived at her maiden room.

This was Long Xuan’s first time stepping into this place.

It consisted of an inner and outer room with a bead curtain to separate them.

The inner room was probably the one in which she slept. Next to the window in the outer room was a soft bed, and in the center was a round table and a few stools. There was also a desk in the east corner.

The desk was clean and neat; there was nothing on it save for some stationery.

However, there were several rolled-up paintings in the vase in the corner.

Long Xuan’s gaze lingered on them for a moment. Then, he made his way to the soft bed and sat down.

Lin Qingyuan glanced at him uneasily. Seeing as she could not make him leave, she gave up on the idea and went off to take a bath.

After pouring Long Xuan a cup of tea, Bai He exited the room.

When Lin Qingyuan had not yet come out after Long Xuan had finished his cup of tea, he got up and walked around the room.

He stopped next to the desk and let his slender fingers graze the edge. He paused when his gaze landed on the vase nearby. Eventually, he gave in to his curiosity and took the paintings out.

He wondered what kind of paintings a rowdy person like Lin Qingyuan could produce when she decided to sit down quietly and paint.

His slender fingers skimmed the paintings in the vase and then pulled one out.

However, when he unraveled the scroll and saw the person depicted in the painting and the poem written on it, his face fell.

When Lin Qingyuan emerged from the bathroom, she saw him standing by the desk and flipping through her paintings.

She did not mind it at first, but a thought struck her, and her face paled. At once, she rushed over to him and scolded him, “How could you go through my stuff without my permission?”

Long Xuan whirled around abruptly, and she could not catch herself in time from tumbling into his arms.

However, she did not have time to be mad about that as she frantically tried to snatch the painting from his hands.

To her frustration, Long Xuan lifted the painting high the moment she reached for it, and she ended up grasping at thin air.

“Give it back to me!” she demanded furiously, fervently wishing that she had destroyed that painting earlier.

“Why are you so anxious? Is it because there’s something in this painting that you don’t want me to see?” Long Xuan’s expression was grim, and there was a frightening gloom in his eyes.

“That’s none of your business!” Lin Qingyuan retorted.

All of a sudden, Long Xuan grabbed her by the shoulders, spun her around, and pinned her against the desk as he regarded her threateningly through narrowed eyes. “Who am I to you?”

Meeting his intimidating gaze, Lin Qingyuan gulped. “Y-you’re my husband.”

“Then is your business any of my business?” Long Xuan pressed her for an answer.

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