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Chapter 1388: 1388

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1388 Longed To Throw The Tea In Her Cup On His Face

A flurry of mixed emotions welled up inside Lin Qingyuan.

She could not believe that she had not noticed it at all, neither did she have the slightest idea how she had gotten into the carriage.

She lifted the curtain and looked outside. “Where are we going?”

Long Xuan glanced at her. “You promised Mother two days ago that you’d offer incense with her today. Have you forgotten?”

Only then did Lin Qingyuan recall that she had indeed made that promise with Madam Shen, which meant that they were on the way to Tianzhu Mountain.

She rubbed the spot between her brows a little sheepishly.

After a moment of silence, she asked, “Where’s Mother?”

“She set out before us.” Long Xuan paused, then patted his thigh. “Come here.”

Lin Qingyuan refused to budge.

Long Xuan shot her a look. “You want me to go over there?”

With much reluctance and irritation, Lin Qingyuan crawled over to him.

As soon as she got close to him, he pulled her into his lap, picked up a piece of cake from the plate on the table, and fed it to her. “I didn’t wake you because you were fast asleep, but it’s bad that you haven’t eaten anything the whole morning, so just nibble on something first, all right?”

Lin Qingyuan had not expected that he had beckoned her over just to feed her breakfast, and she stared at him in surprise.

Seeing him holding up the cake insistently, she hesitated before taking a bite.

Long Xuan stared at her dainty mouth for a moment, then took a bite right from the part she had eaten. When she looked sideways at him, he instinctively explained, “I haven’t had breakfast either.”

Lin Qingyuan glanced at the cake-filled plate and decided to believe him. However, there was more than one cake, so why had he not taken another one? Why did he have to share one with her?

She had no idea what to make of his behavior at all.

She took another piece and ate slowly, completely forgetting that she was still sitting in Long Xuan’s lap.

“By the way, don’t you have to go to court today?” How come he had time to go to Tianzhu Temple with her?

“I asked Royal Uncle for a two-day leave,” said Long Xuan. Besides wanting to escort his mother and Qingyuan, he also wanted to take this opportunity to travel with her.

“I see,” Lin Qingyuan said.

Long Xuan poured her a cup of tea.

She took it and sipped the tea slowly.

Halfway through her cup, she noticed that his gaze was fixed on her face. She stopped drinking and raised her eyes to him. “What?”

Long Xuan smiled and pointed at his lips. “I’m thirsty too.”

Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes. “Can’t you pour a cup for yourself?”

“I wouldn’t mind if you let me drink from yours.” Long Xuan beamed at her.

Lin Qingyuan longed to throw the tea in her cup on his face, but she took a deep breath and eventually resisted the urge.

However, his stare was so intent that she could hardly finish her tea, so she decided to gross him out. “The tea’s already mixed with my saliva. Are you sure you want to drink it?”

Long Xuan’s lips quirked, and he eyed her suggestively. “I believe I’ve already drunk a lot of that.”

“…” Lin Qingyuan blushed furiously and scowled at him.

How could he say something so mortifying without batting an eye?

“I didn’t ask you to say that!” she snapped in exasperation. Afraid that he would utter something even more unbearable, she hurriedly shut him up by bringing the cup in her hand to his lips.

Long Xuan regarded her with a smile and started to slowly drink the tea in the cup she was holding.

He sipped it at a maddeningly slow pace and even smacked his lips on purpose.

Lin Qingyuan turned beet-red at the sound, and she said with a scowl, “Hold it yourself.”

“No, I want my dear wife to hold it for me.” Long Xuan smirked at her, the upturned outer corners of his eyes giving him a devilish air. “Mmm, it smells and tastes really sweet.”

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