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Chapter 1390: 1390

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1390 Suffering From The Trauma

She instantly lost all interest in getting revenge.

“You can put me down now.”

“Aren’t your legs still weak?” Long Xuan had no intention to put her down. He looked ahead of them. “We’ll arrive soon.”

Lin Qingyuan had no idea what to say.

However, if he wanted to carry her, she was more than willing to let him continue.

When they arrived at the temporary imperial residence, Lin Qingyuan finally understood why Long Xuan wanted to take two days off from His Majesty. This fellow must have made plans early on to stay here for a couple of days.

His Majesty and Her Highness rarely visited this temporary imperial residence, but the housekeeper in charge still did a good job managing it.

After all, the imperial city was not far away and there was always the chance that His Majesty and Her Highness would decide to visit on a whim, so the place was well taken care.

The moment Lin Qingyuan stepped inside, she immediately forgot about how upset she was with Long Xuan.

Despite how steep Tianzhu Mountain was, it offered a beautiful scenery.

Aside from that, the location of this temporary imperial residence was the best spot in the mountainside. It occupied a vast land and the surroundings were quiet, complementing the stunning view.

She rested for a while and before taking a look around the area with Bai He.

Madam Shen rested a bit as well and then brought some people along with her to Tianzhu Temple, which was situated at the top of the mountain.

She initially planned to ask Lin Qingyuan to accompany her to the temple for prayers, but her son was also there and Qingyuan had not recovered from her travel sickness due to the long ride, so she refrained from bringing this up. Instead, she let Qingyuan have some fun in the temporary imperial residence and soon ascended the mountains.

Lin Qingyuan strolled around with Bai He accompanying her. When Madam Shen still had not returned from Tianzhu Temple during noon, she had lunch with Long Xuan.

Following that, she went off to take her usual afternoon nap.

Without Long Xuan disturbing her, she managed to get some good sleep.

Lin Qingyuan wanted to enjoy the view surrounding the temporary imperial residence after she woke up. She enthusiastically brought Bai He with her to walk around the place, but bumped into Long Xuan the moment she left the room.

He held her hand naturally and said with a smile, “I’m taking you somewhere fun.”

“Where?” Lin Qingyuan’s interest was piqued the moment he mentioned fun; she obediently let him hold her hand.

He led her some distance until they arrived at a natural spring. By the time she took in the new surroundings, she wheeled around only to see Bai He had disappeared.

The hot spring was centered deep inside the forest and was formed naturally.

Looking at the hot vapors rising from the spring, she immediately knew Long Xuan’s intentions for taking her there.

She was about to say something when he hugged her from behind. His chin rested on her shoulder. “You’ve probably had enough rest by now, right?”

“No, I haven’t.” The look on Lin Qingyuan’s face changed.

Nothing good happened when this jerk was involved.

Long Xuan hugged her tightly; his hand had already hooked onto her belt.

“If you haven’t had enough rest, you should enjoy this hot spring. I heard that the water here can help you relax and rest. It’s good for your body.” Long Xuan chewed on her pretty ears as he spoke in a husky voice.

Before Lin Qingyuan could react, her dress had fallen off her shoulders.

Long Xuan carried her in his arms and stepped into the hot spring.

A passionate scene unfolded inside the pool.

By the time Madam Shen returned, her son and daughter-in-law had just made their way inside. Their hair looked slightly wet and she asked, “Did you just take a bath?”

Lin Qingyuan felt a little embarrassed at the memory of what had just occurred.

Just as she was wondering how to answer this, Long Xuan replied without blinking an eye, “We went horse-riding just now and were sweating slightly, so we took a dip in a pool. You should enjoy the hot spring as well if you’re tired. It can help you with your fatigue.”

Madam Shen had an innocent mind and did not think much of this. She had heard that there was a hot spring at this temporary imperial residence, so she said with a smile, “That sounds nice. Come along with me later, Yuan’er. We can enjoy the hot spring together.”

Lin Qingyuan, “…”

She felt she would suffer from trauma if she saw the hot spring again and did not want to dip into it second time.


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