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Chapter 1396: 1396

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1396 She Had Made Him Sleep On The Floor Last Night

The next day.

Lu Liangwei and Long Yang went outside the gates personally to see Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu off.

“Take good care of Chu Jiu at the frontier, Big Brother. Remember to take care of yourself too and write to me whenever you’re free.” Lu Liangwei went closer to them and addressed her brother and sister-in-law.

Lu Tingchen glanced at Chu Jiu, who stood beside him, and nodded. “I will.”

Lu Liangwei turned to Chu Jiu, a little unwilling to see her leave. She said, “Take good care of yourself over there, Jiu. Don’t keep everything to yourself. If you need something, you have to talk to my big brother.”

A feeling of warmth spread through Chu Jiu’s heart as she watched Weiwei, who was a few years younger than her, giving her constant reminders filled with concern. She held Lu Liangwei’s hand and said, “I will. You have to take good care of yourself too.”

“I will.” Lu Liangwei nodded. She could not bear to be separated from the two, but she should not stop them from leaving.

Lu Hetian and Ling Lihua also came over with similar reminders.

Before they hopped onto their horses to depart, Ling Lihua held Chu Jiu’s hand and said, “Jiu, if Tingchen bullies you, write to me anytime about it. I will go to you no matter where I am and take care of him for you.”

Chu Jiu smiled. This warmed her heart. “I will.”

Lu Tingchen said exasperatedly. “Why are all of you telling her the same thing? Am I that sort of person? It could be the other way round.”

Ling Lihua darted a look at him. “Are you saying that Jiu bullies you? How can you say such a thing?!”

Lu Tingchen had no idea what to say to that. He darted a look at Chu Jiu, who was smiling cheerfully, and he felt a little unhappy.

This woman had made him sleep on the floor last night!

Lu Liangwei found it funny as she looked at her big brother. “Big Brother, just don’t bully Jiu and we’re all good.”

Lu Tingchen felt like he was punched in the gut. “I knew all of you have always sided with her. You make me sound like such a terrible person.”

“That’s enough. It’s getting late and you shouldn’t delay any longer. Hurry up and start your journey.” Lu Hetian hurried them.

“Father, Mother, Weiwei, please take good care of Grandmother,” Lu Tingchen said seriously.

“Don’t worry. We’re all here for her.” The expression on Ling Lihua’s face softened.

Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu finally got onto their horses.

Before they left, Chu Jiu looked at Zhao Qian and said apologetically, “Take good care of yourself, Father!”

She had promised to take care of him, but in the end, she had to leave for somewhere far away.

The frontier was quite a long distance from the imperial capital and she could not make the journey back swiftly even if she wanted to.

Zhao Qian’s eyes turned red as he waved her off and put on a look of indifference. “Hurry up and leave. It’s getting late.”

“Remember to take care of yourself!” Chu Jiu was downcast, but she eventually pulled on the horse’s reins and left with Lu Tingchen.

Zhao Qian felt very depressed as he watched them move further away.

He had finally taken in Jiu as his adoptive daughter, but in just a short time, she had to leave for a faraway place.

He could not bear for her to leave.

As he stood there watching Chu Jiu depart, he looked like an elderly father. He could not bear to see her leave, but he tried to hide it. He had so much to say to her, yet was not able to voice it out.

Right then, a handkerchief appeared in front of him.

He accepted it without thinking much. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” The person who handed him the handkerchief smiled.

Zhao Qian wiped his eyes and only then realized he had been given a handkerchief. He turned to look at the person and clenched the cloth as he said fearfully, “Your Highness…”

“Butler Zhao, you don’t need to worry too much about Jiu. My big brother will take good care of her,” Lu Liangwei consoled him softly.

“That’s true. With Heir Presumptive Lu with her, there shouldn’t be anything for me to worry about.” Zhao Qian sighed, but he was already missing Chu Jiu.

“Let’s go back.” Long Yang placed his hand around Lu Liangwei’s shoulders.

“Alright,” Lu Liangwei replied.

It was early when they went out and three children had not woken up yet. They had to go home as fast as they could now.

Just as they were approaching the city, a brown horse suddenly came galloping out of the city.

Lu Liangwei was surprised to see the person on the horse. “It’s Long Xuan. Where is he going?” Just as she said this, a thought suddenly crossed her mind. “He isn’t going to Tianzhu Mountain, is he?”


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