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Chapter 1399: 1399

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1399 Placed Her Faith

The innkeeper shrank back in fear.

The other guests took to their heels as well.

Sensing that the situation was getting out of hand, Lin Qingyuan and Bai He abandoned their noodles and got ready to run, only to be startled when they heard the ruffian shout at them.

Was this really their unlucky day?

Glancing at the noodles on the table, Lin Qingyuan fought to stay calm as she said to the ruffians, “You just want to have noodles, don’t you? Here, take them. We haven’t touched them.” She pushed the bowls toward them.

The ruffians laughed in incredulous anger.

“Is this youngster a fool? How dare he let us eat his leftovers?”

“He obviously has a death wish!”

“They showed up right when I was getting bored!”

“Brothers, bring those two youngsters here so we can have some fun with them.” As soon as Ruffian A gave the order, several men and women stood up, ready to pounce.

“None of you are allowed to touch that pretty young man! I’m going to take him back with me and make him my husband!”

A woman’s voice rang out above the racket.

All noise died down in an instant.

Lin Qingyuan saw a muscular woman rise from the gang of ruffians and stride toward her.

From the looks of it, she was probably the leader of the gang.

“Young man, do you want to come with me of your own accord, or do you need an ‘invitation’ from me?” The woman stopped in front of the table and touched Lin Qingyuan’s face flirtatiously.

Lin Qingyuan brushed her hand away in disgust.

Instead of getting angry, the woman ran her gaze over her in amusement. “You’re a wild one. I like you!”

Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes. Without warning, she flung the bowl of noodles in her direction, then grabbed Bai He’s hand and sprinted up the stairs.

Caught off guard, the woman was splashed right in the face, and she immediately flew into a rage. “Catch them! Don’t let them get away!”

With a collective roar, her henchmen charged up the stairs.

Lin Qingyuan led Bai He back to their room to retrieve their bags. Then, she opened the window.

Outside the window, there was a street teeming with hawkers shouting to promote their goods.

Bai He gulped. “Miss, are we really going to jump down from this height?”

“Of course!” Lin Qingyuan said resolutely, though she was a little afraid as well.

However, she could tell from the chaotic footsteps outside that those people were about to catch up with them. They had to jump now, or it would be too late.

A carriage happened to rumble past below. Gritting her teeth, she held Bai He’s hand and jumped.

With a thud, they landed smoothly on the carriage.

Looking back over her shoulder, she saw the ruffians standing at the window on the second floor, staring daggers at them.

Lin Qingyuan could not help herself from pulling a face at them.

The female gang leader was standing at the window and looking in her direction. Fury flashed across her face, and all of a sudden, she braced a hand on the window lattice and jumped down.

“What should we do? They’re coming after us!” Bai He started to panic.

As Lin Qingyuan watched the female leader give chase using Light Body Skill, she calmed down. “Don’t worry!”

The woman was no Light Body Skill expert, and it was not long before the carriage left them in the dust. Nevertheless, the woman refused to give up despite her obvious inability to catch up, and she continued to give chase far behind the carriage.

Looking at their pursuers, Bai He said fearfully, “Miss, it’s too dangerous out here. Maybe we should just go back to the imperial capital.”

“Since we’re already here, we should at least attend Qiyu’s wedding before going back.” Lin Qingyuan was scared too, but she decided to place her faith in the medicinal balls Weiwei had given her.

“Once we throw them off, we’ll go straight to Jade Moon Villa.” This incident had dissipated all of Lin Qingyuan’s interest in sightseeing. Right now, all she wanted was to get to Jade Moon Villa, attend the wedding, and return to the imperial capital.


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