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Chapter 1411: 1411

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1411 The Punishment Was Not Enough

Naturally, he did not know everything about Lin Qingyuan’s past.

His Royal Aunt had never shared the details with him before.

All he knew was that Lin Qingyuan was originally betrothed to Chen Xuping. After that, Chen Xuping was found guilty of a crime and thrown in jail. On the day of his execution, he was saved by an unknown person.

Even though his Royal Uncle did not send anyone after Chen Xuping, he was still a wanted man with a death sentence. It was only natural that the engagement between his family and the Lin family would be rendered obsolete.

However, it sounded like there was more to the story.

As he looked at his petite, dainty wife standing in front of him, he could not imagine her ever being a beggar.

Lin Qingyuan did not really want to relive the memory.

However, she decided to tell him everything when she saw how curious he was.

“Even though I was originally betrothed to Chen Xuping, he actually liked Lu Yunshuang back then. I accidentally found out about their plots one day and he tried to silence me. I had no choice but to fake my death with the help of Her Highness in order to survive. I became a beggar to find evidence of their wrongdoings.” Lin Qingyuan smiled bitterly. However, she still received the protection and care of Lu Liangwei and others back then and did not suffer too badly. That was why she maintained her demeanor as the daughter of a rich family who knew little of the world’s suffering.

Long Xuan was quite astonished.

He knew the story was not as simple as it seemed, but he had never thought the truth would turn out to be something like this.

“Yesterday, when Chen Xuping…” He frowned as felt a little puzzled about the situation. If Chen Xuping really loved Lu Yunshuang, why would he risk death to help Lin Qingyuan suck out the poison?

“It might be his conscience. To be honest, he is quite pitiful. He was played like a tool by Lu Yunshuang back then and even tried to kill Her Highness. However, he’s turned over a new leaf now. He probably sucked out the poison for me because he felt guilty for what he did to me,” Lin Qingyuan said nonchalantly.

No matter what, Chen Xuping saved her yesterday.

If he had not sucked out the poison in time, she might already be dead now.

That was why she felt grateful to Chen Xuping.

Whatever bad blood there was between them would now be settled.

However, Long Xuan did not think so.

If it was out of a guilty conscience, would Chen Xuping risk his life just to save her?

From his point of view, Chen Xuping had not done it purely because of his conscience.

“Don’t you think it’s too much of a coincidence that he showed up right on time? He appeared the moment you were bitten by the snake and saved you.” Long Xuan reminded her.

Lin Qingyuan was taken aback.

She also had a feeling that Chen Xuping appearing at the right time yesterday was too much of a coincidence. However, she was in mortal peril at the time, which was why she did not think much of it.

Only when Long Xuan brought it up did she find something strange about this.

However, the mention of the incident reminded her of another matter.

“Why did you show up too? Aren’t you supposed to be in the imperial capital?” She shot a questioning look at him.

Long Xuan sniggered when he heard her interrogative tone. “Now that you mention it, if I remember correctly, didn’t you say you wanted to stay at Tianzhu Mountain for two days to have fun? Despite that, you left without a word and came here. Have you thought about how you were going to explain this to me?”

Lin Qingyuan felt guilty the moment he brought this up.

She quickly changed the topic when she saw how he was determined to get an explanation from her. “There’s the medical hall. We had better head in first.”

With that, she ran ahead on her own.

Long Xuan’s eyes narrowed as he watched the woman run off.

It looked like last night’s level of ‘punishment’ was not enough.

Lin Qingyuan sneezed when she stepped into the medical hall. She rubbed her nose and was convinced that Long Xuan must have said something behind her back.

When Bai He saw her approaching, she quickly went out to welcome Lin Qingyuan and lowered her voice to say, “Miss, Heir Presumptive Chen, he…” She pointed at her own head and said in a low voice. “There seems to be a problem.”

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