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Chapter 145: 145

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Chapter 145: It Won’t Affect My Attending The Imperial Court Tomorrow

Lu Yunshuang’s eyes brightened when she heard this. “That’s a good suggestion. Very well, we’ll go with your idea and set up a few brothels in other locations first. As long as they are not in the imperial capital, it won’t be difficult to get as many good-looking girls as we need. If the brothels in the imperial capital need extra manpower, we’ll just transfer girls from the other locations back here.”

Hong Xiu nodded. “That is what your humble servant thinks as well.”

Lu Yunshuang’s mood lifted significantly after solving this difficult problem. She climbed down from the soft bed and said in a brisk, relaxed manner, “Come. Let’s go and see the Crown Prince. Oh yes, I instructed the kitchen to boil some nutritious soup. Go and get it, and bring it along with us.”

“Yes, Miss,” Hong Xiu replied immediately.

Long Chi was going through Palace Memorials.

Recently, his Royal Uncle had finally let go of some of his responsibilities and allowed Long Chi to handle some Palace Memorials which were not very important.

Even though the Palace Memorials were not of the utmost importance, the task had been delegated to him by his Royal Uncle, and he did not dare to be negligent.

He read through the Palace Memorials until late into the night, when a servant announced from outside, “The Crown Princess has arrived.”

Long Chi pinched the space between his brows. He was a little surprised—why was Shuang’er here when it was already so late?

“Let her come in.”

Not long after, Lu Yunshuang entered, carrying with her a food basket.

She placed the food basket on the table and looked at Long Chi tenderly. “Crown Prince, you’ve been handling administrative work until such a late hour. I’ve boiled you some nutritious soup. Please drink it while it’s still hot.”

Long Chi was startled for a moment. It was already so late at night, and he had not expected that Lu Yunshuang would be so concerned about him. It warmed his heart. He stood up and took her hand. “You’re so thoughtful, Shuang’er, but please don’t do this next time. It’s already so late; you should go to bed earlier.”

Lu Yunshuang shook her head. “I’m not tired; it’s just boiling some soup. You’re the one who should take care of your health more. You’re still reading through Palace Memorials at such a late hour—can’t you wait until tomorrow to do it?”

Long Chi was quite moved by this. He felt that it had been wrong of him to ignore his wife for the past few days.

“I need to hand these Palace Memorials to Royal Uncle for him to look over tomorrow, but I’ve already finished with them.”

Lu Yunshuang nodded. Like a dutiful wife, she ladled the soup into a bowl and placed it in Long Chi’s hands. “Crown Prince, please drink this while it is hot and take your rest once you have finished it.”

Long Chi looked at the bowl of nutritious soup he was holding and felt very touched. He then drank a few mouthfuls. When he saw Lu Yunshuang packing up the basket as if to leave, he frowned. “Are you going to leave right now?”

Lu Yunshuang nodded. “Yes. It’s late, and I don’t want to disturb your rest.”

Long Chi put down the bowl and took her hand. “I’ll walk you back.”

“There’s no need for that; it’s just a short walk. It would be so troublesome for you to go to and fro. Moreover, it will disturb your rest.” Lu Yunshuang shot Long Chi a look of displeasure as she picked up the basket and prepared to leave.

Long Chi stared at her beautiful countenance and suddenly felt a trace of burning desire within him. He held onto her hand without letting go and murmured in a low, hoarse voice, “Since you find that troublesome, why not stay here and rest with me, Shuang’er?”

Lu Yunshuang’s pretty face blushed red, and she objected coyly, “It’s already so late at night, and you need to wake up early tomorrow to attend the imperial court…”

Long Chi’s heart was swayed by the sight, and he gave a low laugh. “What are you thinking of, Shuang’er? All I’m asking is for you to rest with me. It won’t affect my attending the imperial court tomorrow.” Without giving her a chance to object, he picked her up in his arms when he finished speaking and headed straight for the bedroom.

Lu Yunshuang lay in his embrace, and a flash of victory glimmered in her eyes at the success of her scheme.

From the looks of it, the medicine was taking effect quite quickly.

The Crown Prince was now in the mood for intimacy.

Lu Yunshuang had calculated that she needed to get pregnant as soon as possible. Only then would she be able to secure her position. Even if the Crown Prince decided to take other women as consorts, she would have nothing to fear once she had a child.

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