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Chapter 17

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Long Yang sized Lu Liangwei up and assessed apropos, “Second Young Miss Lu, among females, you are certainly not considered short.” After a minute pause, he suddenly changed the topic of conversation and continued, “My birthday banquet will be in a few days; if Second Young Miss is interested, feel free to come to the Palace and have a look.”


After delivering this completely random comment, Long Yang then left with Zhao Qian and Chu Qi.

The Lu siblings stared at each other in dismay.

After taking a moment to recover his senses, Lu Tingchen suddenly reached out and pinched Lu Liangwei’s soft cheek hard by way of punishment. “Lu Liangwei, are you trying to court death here?”

Lu Liangwei was not expecting something like this from her older brother at all. The sudden pain from her cheek being pinched caused her eyes to turn misty, and her expression was pitiful indeed. “Big brother, what are you doing? That hurts so much…”

When Lu Tingchen saw that there was now a red mark on his sister’s fair face, he immediately felt anxious and upset. However, when he remembered her recklessness earlier, his anger rose again, and he turned his back on her with a flick of his sleeves.

Lu Liangwei lightly rubbed her painful pinched cheek. Seeing her brother’s fuming demeanor, she knew that he was still bothered by what had happened earlier; ultimately, it was because he was worried for her.

She hastily dropped her hand. Catching hold of his sleeve, she gave it a little shake. “Big brother, I know I’ve made a mistake. Please don’t be angry…”

Lu Tingchen had virtually no resistance against his sister’s soft, coquettish voice. However, just as he was about to turn around, he remembered the alarming scene from earlier and forcibly suppressed his intentions. Deliberately controlling his voice so that he sounded seriously displeased, he asked, “Since you know your mistake, then tell me, where did you go wrong?”

The moment Lu Liangwei heard this question, she withdrew her hand and said nothing instead.

Lu Tingchen saw that she was not about to speak any time soon, and lost his composure slightly. Abruptly he turned around. “Why aren’t you saying anything now?”

Lu Liangwei shrugged her shoulders slightly and sat down on the chair next to her. “I haven’t done anything wrong, so I have nothing to say.”

When Lu Tingchen heard this, he pointed a quivering finger at her, so exasperated that he was on the verge of exploding. “How dare you say you’ve done nothing wrong?”

Lu Liangwei lifted her eyes and replied flatly, “If I’m at fault, my mistake would be trying to save His Majesty.”

As she spoke, she reached forward and rubbed at her knee.

She truly regretted saving Long Yang—if she had known way earlier that he was such a frightening person, she should have just left him to his fate.

She had been kind-hearted enough to save his life, but he did not even thank her. Instead, it had very nearly cost her her own life.


When she thought about this, she felt rather angry as well.

So what if he was the Emperor—was he so great that his mere existence meant he could repay kindness with ingratitude?

Although Long Yang did not execute her in the end, she still felt extremely out of sorts.

Lu Tingchen noticed that his sister appeared to be brooding. His immediate thought was that she might have been frightened out of her wits after the incident, so he restrained his tone and asked comfortingly, “What on earth did you do to His Majesty just now to make him so angry?”

Lu Liangwei was still rubbing her knee, but she paused for a moment.

She looked at Lu Tingchen’s handsome face with its gentled expression and pondered. If he knew that she had actually touched Long Yang’s lips with her own earlier, how would he react?


In the end, she chose to conceal that little detail.

These were ancient times, not the modern era.

Something like CPR was far too shocking for the people of this society.

She coughed lightly. “The Emperor was in a coma at the time, and his heart had already stopped beating. Coincidentally I read something in a book on medicine—as long as one strikes the patient’s chest hard, they’ll be able to come back to life. So I followed the instructions in the book and punched His Majesty’s chest…”

Lu Tingchen sucked in a deep breath. “You really have some nerve—you even dared to do this to His Majesty…” No wonder it felt like the Emperor had wanted to execute Weiwei at the time.

‘Was Weiwei trying to save His Majesty? It sounds very much like she wanted to commit regicide.’


Her actions were more than enough for the Emperor to punish her by sentencing her to death.

Lu Tingchen could not help but feel a lingering sense of fear.

This young lass was truly impudent!

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