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Chapter 182: 182

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Chapter 182: Carried On His Shoulders

Chu Qi had not gone too far. He stood in the shadows outside the door, hearing his master’s suppressed, painful panting.

He walked to the door and took a quick look inside. He saw that his master had already been tied to a pillar in the room by Zhao Qian. His lips were dark red, obviously stained by the blood that flowed out when he bit himself.

With only one glance, Chu Qi’s pupils shrank violently, and he quickly retreated.

He raised his head and looked at the stars in the night sky. Pursing his lips, he suddenly leaped upward and landed on the roof.

Chu Yi was standing guard in the shadows by the entrance. As Master was taking the antidote, he did not dare to slack off and monitored his surroundings vigilantly.

At this moment, a shadow shot out from the inside like a shooting star, startling Chu Yi. When he finally got a clear look at the shadow’s figure, he paused in surprise. “Why is Chu Qi not guarding Master, where is he going this late?”

The Grand Duke Mansion.

It was already late at night. The entire mansion was deep in slumber, except for the night guards on patrol.

Most of them had retired from the Lu Family Army. Although it was midnight, each of them was highly alert and well-trained.

However, they did not even notice when a shadow glided over their heads silently. This visitor’s Light Body Skill had reached the peak of perfection.

Dusklight Court.

Lu Liangwei had already fallen asleep but not very soundly.

Today was the day for Long Yang to take the antidote. She had developed the detoxification pill herself and understood the medicinal properties of Phantom Bluegrass, Frostbite’s guiding herb, very well.

Phantom Bluegrass would trigger intense symptoms when taking effect, and ordinary people would not be able to endure it.

Therefore, she had insisted that Long Yang must take the medicine she had prescribed for several consecutive days before taking the antidote.

Those medicines were not ordinary restorative medicines but had been added with special medicinal materials. They could make Long Yang’s body strong enough to resist the effects of Phantom Bluegrass.

Even so, she still could not help feeling a little worried that Long Yang would not be able to withstand its intense effects.

If something went wrong, he could become disoriented or even mad.

With that thought in mind, Lu Liangwei could not sleep peacefully.

As such, she immediately woke up when she heard a soft, abnormal sound in the room.

She turned her head to look outside.

The room was unlit and in complete darkness. There was a figure standing on the other side of the gauze netting.

Lu Liangwei’s heart contracted violently, her fingers reaching for the dagger under her pillow.

The moment she gripped the dagger, the figure outside the gauze netting moved and walked toward her.

“Second Miss Lu…”

The person’s voice was low, but the urgency in it was detectable.

When Lu Liangwei heard this voice, she finally calmed her anxious heart. Pulling the netting aside abruptly, she looked at the person outside. “Chu Qi, why are you here?”

Chu Qi pursed his lips and suddenly stepped forward to grab her arm. “Come with me to the palace.”

Taken aback, Lu Liangwei tried to stop him. “No matter how anxious you are, you have to let me put on a robe first.”

Thinking of the pain his master was going through right now, Chu Qi frowned. Without another word, he grabbed the quilt behind her and wrapped it around her body. “There’s no time.”

Lu Liangwei was stunned. Before she could react, she was already lifted off the ground and carried by Chu Qi on his shoulders.

Chu Qi was highly trained in Light Body Skill and could still move swiftly while carrying a person.

After a while of jumping from roof to roof, they soon arrived at Hidden Dragon Palace.

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