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Chapter 191: 191

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Chapter 191: Suited His Tastes Very Much

As Lu Liangwei spoke, she unwrapped a few glutinous rice dumplings one by one, arranged them on plates, and served them to Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen.

After hearing what she said, they could not resist immediately taking a bite.

“What a unique taste. Why haven’t I ever heard that you can make glutinous rice like this?” Lu Hetian was fascinated. He considered himself a knowledgeable man, but he had never heard of such a dish.

“My thoughts exactly. I’ve never seen this before either. Where did you learn to make this, Weiwei?” Lu Tingchen asked casually while taking another bite of the glutinous rice dumpling in his hand.

Lu Liangwei had passed him a plate of braised pork glutinous rice dumplings.

The stuffing not only consisted of braised pork but also mushrooms. It was very delicious and not greasy at all.

A flash passed within Lu Liangwei’s eyes as she replied, “I read it from a book.” Afraid that they would press her with more questions, she added hurriedly, “Although glutinous rice dumplings are delicious, it’s not good to eat too many. They’re not good for digestion.”

Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen were alright, but the Dowager Duchess really should not eat such foods excessively, given her old age.

Therefore, after the Dowager Duchess finished one, Lu Liangwei refused to let her eat anymore.

However, the Dowager Duchess was clearly very fond of the glutinous rice dumplings. The one that Lu Liangwei had given her just now was too small to satisfy her cravings.

Seeing that Lu Liangwei was about to take the glutinous rice dumplings away, she immediately became anxious. “Hey, Weiwei, it’s a rare chance for me to have glutinous rice dumplings. Let me have two more.”

Lu Liangwei was amused. “It’s not that I don’t want to let you eat, but it will be difficult to digest the glutinous rice if you eat too many.”

“Why make them if you won’t let me eat them?” The Dowager Duchess sulked.

“I just wanted to let you try something new.” Lu Liangwei felt a little sheepish. She never expected that the Dowager Duchess would be so fond of glutinous rice dishes. If she had known, she would not have made them.

She was simply worried that the old lady would suffer from indigestion if she kept eating them.

“I haven’t even tasted it properly, and you already stopped me from eating. How could you be so cruel?” Seeing that she still refused to compromise, the Dowager Duchess was becoming visibly desperate.

At this sight, Lu Hetian quickly shot a meaningful glance at Lu Liangwei. “Since your grandmother loves it so much, just give her one more. Otherwise, she might not be able to sleep at night.”

Lu Liangwei was exasperated.

If she let Grandmother have another one, Grandmother would truly be unable to sleep at night.

Lu Tingchen could not stand the situation anymore. “Grandmother, you really shouldn’t eat too many of these glutinous rice dumplings. Weiwei is doing this for your own good.” He then unwrapped another braised pork glutinous rice dumpling and took a bite.

He did not like sweet foods, but this braised pork glutinous rice dumpling suited his tastes very much.

Lu Liangwei’s mouth twitched. He might as well have kept his mouth shut.

How could he blatantly eat while persuading others to not?

Sure enough, the Dowager Duchess’s face turned a shade of green out of anger. “You little brat, could you put that glutinous rice dumpling down before trying to persuade me?”

Lu Hetian glared at Lu Tingchen immediately. ‘This little punk!’

Lu Tingchen finished his meat glutinous rice dumpling in a few bites, then said to Lu Liangwei, “Do you have any more?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

Lu Tingchen paused for a moment before explaining, “I’m going to the palace in the evening, so I would like to bring some for the Emperor to sample.”

The Dowager Duchess flew into a rage and almost hurled her cane at him. “You brat, can’t you see that your grandmother is still hungry?”

Lu Tingchen said sheepishly, “Weiwei already said that you shouldn’t eat too many.”

The Dowager Duchess shot Lu Liangwei a look full of bitterness.

Lu Liangwei had no choice but to cave in. “Alright, alright. I’ll let you have one more, but just the one, and no more.”

“Two.” The Dowager Duchess held out two fingers with a grin.

Lu Liangwei’s pretty face turned grim.

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