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Chapter 202: 202

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Chapter 202: Lu Tingchen Was Slightly Helpless

The Dowager Duchess hid the sharp look in her eyes and now looked friendly and benevolent. Her hands pressed on her temples. “My poor, old body has been suffering from a migraine for the last few days. Since His Majesty is always concerned for his subordinates, do allow me to be rude and come along to be diagnosed by the imperial physician too.”

Zhao Qian could feel his eyelids twitching as his eyes met with the Dowager Duchess’ smiling ones. It was difficult to reject her and he could only go along with her. “If that is so, you should come with us, Dowager Duchess. This way, please.”

Lu Liangwei was not feeling unwell at all, and if she were sick, she was a physician herself. Would she need to go through so much hassle?

She gave Zhao Qian a look as her lips pursed slightly.

The one who was waiting for her at the side hall was probably not the imperial physician, but someone else.

She had never planned to meet that person in private and it was just as well that her grandmother needed to see the imperial physician. Since Butler Zhao was not able to decline her grandmother’s request, the one who was waiting at the side hall would probably end up being the imperial physician.

Lu Liangwei felt relieved at the thought of this. She held onto the Dowager Duchess’ arm and followed behind Zhao Qian as they walked toward the side hall.

Just as Lu Liangwei had guessed, the one who was waiting in the side hall was the imperial physician, and it was Chief Physician Lin.

His eyes flashed seeing Lu Liangwei and the Dowager Duchess walked in together.

He was summoned here at the last minute and was still slightly breathless from rushing over.

He first felt the Dowager Duchess’ pulse before checking Lu Liangwei’s pulse.

After a while, he said while stroking his beard, “There isn’t anything wrong with Second Miss Lu’s health. The Dowager Duchess, however, has had food that isn’t easily digestible recently, which is giving her wind in the abdomen. She must take special care with her diet and cut down on food that isn’t easily digestible.”

Lu Liangwei took the opportunity and added, “Grandmother, you’ve heard it too, haven’t you? Chief Physician Lin says that you should not take anything that isn’t easily digestible.”

The Dowager Duchess was a little embarrassed when she heard this. All she did was have a few glutinous rice dumplings today, which ended up being diagnosed as the cause of her condition.

She waved her hand as she stood up. “Fine, fine. I know that now. Since there’s nothing serious, we’ll leave the Palace. Thank you for the trouble, Chief Physician Lin.”

Chief Physician Lin shook his head as he smiled. “You are much too kind, Dowager Duchess.”

When they returned to the Grand Duke Mansion, the Dowager Duchess looked at Lu Liangwei. She wanted to say something but hesitated. In the end, she waved her away. “It’s getting late. You should turn in early.”

“Yes, grandmother. You should have an early rest too,” Lu Liangwei replied obediently and walked away with Zhu Yu.

The Dowager Duchess turned her gaze toward Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen. “I have something to say. Both of you, come along with me to Longevity Hall.”

Father and son knew very well what she wanted to talk to them about. They nodded and followed her to Longevity Hall.

When they arrived at Longevity Hall, the Dowager Duchess instructed her people to retreat, leaving only Aunt Lan in the room to serve them tea.

The Dowager Duchess took a sip of the tea, and after pondering for a while, she said, “Do you have anything to say about what happened at the Palace today?”

Lu Hetian frowned and turned his gaze at Lu Tingchen. “Do you have anything to say?”

Lu Tingchen watched the other two with a slightly helpless and innocent look on his face. “Why are you asking me? I have no clue about anything.”

Lu Hetian grunted coldly. “You’re the Emperor’s right-hand man. How could you not know anything?”

Lu Tingchen frowned as he recalled what happened at the banquet tonight. “His Majesty’s thoughts have always been difficult to fathom. Even though I am in contact with His Majesty every day, it would be impossible for me to know what he is really thinking about.”

After listening to the conversation between father and son, the Dowager Duchess questioned, “That girl, Weiwei, doesn’t leave the mansion often and His Majesty is always in the Palace. It isn’t easy for him to leave the Palace. How did His Majesty begin to notice Weiwei?’

Lu Tingchen’s heart fell when he heard the question.

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