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Chapter 207: 207

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Chapter 207: You’ve Already Gotten Physically Intimate With Me

“I don’t want to marry. If I must, I would like to get an adopted son-in-law, someone who is willing to stay in the Lu family,” Lu Liangwei said slowly.

Her words stunned Long Yang, and he unclenched his fists in his surprise. For a while, he was speechless.

He thought that her reason would be that he was too old.

He had not forgotten that this girl had asked him to take her as his goddaughter that day they went to Sacred Hillock Peak.

Back then, despite his fury, he was at a loss for words.

After all, there was undeniably a significant age gap between them; he was much older than her.

He lowered his gaze. Despite the light illuminating his face, his expression was dim and unreadable.

Lu Liangwei sneaked a glance at him and continued, “That is why you’re not suitable for me, Your Majesty.”

Coming back to his senses, Long Yang suppressed the irritation in his heart and smirked. “Is this your reason for rejecting me? Did you make it up on the spot?”

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No. I’ve had this thought in mind for a long time.”

So it was not a spontaneous excuse she cooked up to reject him?

Long Yang stared at her intently for a while. “Only cowardly and incompetent men would willingly become an adopted son-in-law to others. Are you sure you want to spend the rest of your life with a man like that?”

Lu Liangwei said indifferently, “Even so, it doesn’t matter. I am capable of supporting him.”

The veins on Long Yang’s forehead throbbed. As he gazed at her small determined face, his eyes narrowed. It seemed these were her true thoughts and not some excuse that she made up a few seconds ago.

A hint of anger appeared between his eyebrows, and he suddenly grabbed her chin. “Don’t forget that I’ve kissed you, and you’ve kissed me too. You’ve already gotten physically intimate with me, so how can you marry another person?”

The way he was grabbing Lu Liangwei’s chin made her a little uncomfortable, but she replied coolly, “I won’t make a fuss over you kissing me, Your Majesty.” After a pause, she added, “And I wasn’t kissing you that day in my brother’s study room. I was giving you air. If it were someone else lying there, I would have done the same to them too.”

Long Yang felt his chest bubbling with anger.

If it were another man, she would do the same too?

As he imagined her delicate rosy lips pressing over another man’s, murderous intent surged inside his heart.

His grim gaze fell on her lips, and his eyes narrowed dangerously.

However, in the end, all he did was give her a deep look before leaving huffily.

As Lu Liangwei watched the door close, her heart pounded violently. All her strength seemed to have been drained in an instant, and she had to hold onto the table to steady herself.

After all, Long Yang was the ruler of a kingdom; it took her a great deal of courage to reject him.

She breathed a sigh of relief and collapsed into a chair.

Complicated feelings arose in her heart.

If she was being honest, putting aside Long Yang’s identity as the Emperor, he was unquestionably a handsome and attractive man.

If he were just an ordinary man, she would admire him very much.

However, he was the Emperor. He had a harem of beautiful women waiting for him to bed them. He was not a man she could admire, and she had no intention of being a member of the harem.

She sighed quietly.

When Chu Qi, who had been staying in the shadows all this time, saw his master emerge from Second Miss Lu’s room, he followed him without a word.

Although he did not see his master’s face, he sensed that the Emperor was currently in a bad mood.

He frowned in confusion.

Master had been very cheerful when he came here. How come his mood soured after exiting Second Miss Lu’s room?

What did Second Miss Lu do?

Chu Qi was puzzled.

As they approached the palace, only then did Long Yang seem to remember that Chu Qi was following him.

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