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Chapter 209: 209

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Chapter 209: Select An Adopted Son-In-Law

The Dowager Duchess held her hand and said emotionally, “Our Weiwei has grown up in the blink of an eye…”

Judging from her tone, Lu Liangwei somehow knew what she was going to say next.

Lu Liangwei blinked and latched onto her arm, pouting. “Actually, I haven’t grown up at all.”

The Dowager Duchess scolded her with a smile, “You’re already fifteen, and you say you haven’t grown up at all? How thick-skinned of you.”

Lu Liangwei touched her face and said solemnly, “My skin is fine; it’s not that thick.”

Amused by her behavior, the Dowager Duchess raised her hand and stroked her head. She sighed and said, “Weiwei, you’re already fifteen. How about I find a good family for you to marry into?”

Lu Liangwei’s heart thumped.

Although she had already guessed that her grandmother would bring up this matter, why did she suddenly want to talk about marriage out of nowhere?

She could not help recalling the incident in the palace yesterday.

Long Yang’s reaction and Zhao Qian’s words at that time were rather suggestive. Although the Dowager Duchess and Zhao Qian had made up an explanation for the matter after that to dispel suspicion among the crowd, the Dowager Duchess herself must have caught on to something.

Moreover, Long Yang did express that he wanted her to be his empress last night.

She pursed her lips. The Dowager Duchess might have guessed Long Yang’s intentions. Could it be that she also did not support her entering the palace?

That might be why she was so anxious to choose a family for her.

The Dowager Duchess was attempting to cast an anchor windward.

Noticing Lu Liangwei’s long silence after that, the Dowager Duchess thought that she must dislike the idea and said kindly, “I’m not in a hurry to marry you off; I just want to choose a family for you. If there’s one that you like, we can simply make marriage plans with them first. We can delay the wedding date and only decide on it when you feel like marrying.”

Lu Liangwei listened to her quietly. She could feel the Dowager Duchess’s indulgence and love for her from her words.

In that era, marriage depended on parental permission and matchmaker advice, but the Lu family did the opposite.

The Dowager Duchess was not dictating at all but indulged her, a younger family member, instead.

Lu Liangwei sighed secretly. She had been afraid that her grandmother would disregard her wishes and appoint a family for her forcefully, but now it seemed that she had been worrying for nothing.

The Dowager Duchess was already very tolerant of her.

She then voiced what she had been thinking inside.

“Grandmother, I really like the atmosphere at home, and I love being with you, Daddy, and Big Bro even more. If possible, I don’t want to get married.”

The Dowager Duchess’s eyes glinted at her words. It seemed that Weiwei was really planning to select an adopted son-in-law, like what Lu Tingchen had said.

She did not say it out directly and asked instead, “Then what do you plan to do if you don’t want to get married?”

Lu Liangwei met the old woman’s kind eyes and plucked up the courage to speak out all her inner thoughts at once.

“To be honest, Grandmother, I want to select an adopted son-in-law so I can stay in the Lu family forever and serve you and Father. But if you and Father find us annoying, we can always move out…”

Hearing this, the Dowager Duchess frowned. “Young lady, when have I ever found you annoying?”

Knowing that she had upset her, Lu Liangwei hugged her arm immediately and said with a grin, “I was just drawing an analogy.”

The Dowager Duchess was still a little displeased. “If you ever say such things again, don’t come to my place anymore.”

Lu Liangwei assured her at once, “Okay, I won’t say that anymore.” She then pursed her lips tightly, pretending to seal them shut.

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