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Chapter 212: 212

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Chapter 212: You Should Speak Louder, Your Majesty

“Prudence Consort, you don’t need me to teach you the rules again, I hope?”

The smile on the Prudence Consort’s face froze, and she stopped in her tracks.

Long Yang turned around. “Since you like the scenery here, you can admire it all you want.” With that, he descended the rockery without another glance at her.

The Prudence Consort remained standing on the rockery, feeling like she was going to fall apart.

She scrunched the handkerchief in her hands over and over again.

Just now, she was at least ten steps away from the Emperor, but that was enough to anger him.

He did not lose his temper, but by telling her to stay here and admire the scenery, he was giving her a punishment in disguise.

As long as the Emperor did not give his permission, she must stand here and not leave.

The Prudence Consort felt like crying.

Long Yang was in a bad mood after having his quiet time disturbed.

The imperial garden was so big, yet there was no place that he wanted to go.

Irritation surged in his chest. He had never felt this way before, even when dealing with difficult court affairs.

However, this irritation had existed since the night before yesterday. He could not find a way to let it out, and it grew stronger and stronger.

His footsteps suddenly came to a halt.

A young girl’s beautiful face flashed across his mind.

He narrowed his eyes. He had never wanted someone so much. As the Emperor, he was the ruler of the kingdom, and whenever he wanted something, nobody would dare to refuse him.

That girl, however…

Did she think that she could put him off by making up a high-sounding reason?

As he thought of this, his gloomy face suddenly brightened.

Nighttime—the Grand Duke Mansion.

Lu Liangwei handed the distilled fake death medicine to Wang He.

“Give it to Lin Qingyuan personally, and don’t let anyone find out. Can you do that?”

Wang He took the porcelain bottle from her and nodded. “Yes.”

Relieved, Lu Liangwei then reminded him, “Don’t tell my dad.”

Wang He said teasingly, “I wouldn’t dare. I still want to live to see the sun rise tomorrow.”

Lu Liangwei suppressed a smile, knowing that he was taking a dig at her.

It seemed that he was still “holding a grudge” against her for tricking and drugging him last time.

“I promise I won’t drug you. Don’t worry, just go.”

Wang He was about to leave, but he stumbled when he heard this.

Why did she sound like she was paying her last respects to him?

He smiled wryly.

When Lu Liangwei returned to her room, she felt that something was wrong with the atmosphere. Zhu Yu was standing aside quietly with her head down, looking as if she did not dare to breathe.

Seeing that she had come back, she hurriedly cast her a signaling glance.

Lu Liangwei was startled, and only then did she notice a man sitting on the soft bed by the window.

Lu Liangwei was truly surprised to see him. “Why are you here again?”

Zhu Yu looked at her suspiciously. Again?

Had the Emperor come here before?

Lu Liangwei realized that she had misspoken and quickly said to Zhu Yu, “Go make a pot of tea, and don’t disturb anyone else.”

Greatly relieved, Zhu Yu responded obediently and left the room hurriedly.

Long Yang was holding a book about medicine that she had thrown on the soft bed. He flipped through it, seemingly unbothered by her disrespectful tone.

Seeing him quietly focusing on her book, Lu Liangwei did not want to speak either. She sat at the table and fiddled with the candle wick with a hair stick.

As she toyed with the candle wick, the light in the room brightened and dimmed randomly.

Only then did Long Yang look up at her.

The flickering candlelight illuminated her little face, making it appear blurred and distant.

He could tell that the girl was sulking.

He pursed his lips slightly and suddenly said in a deep voice, “Lu Liangwei, you’ve got some nerve!”

Lu Liangwei turned her head and glanced at him coolly. “You should speak louder, Your Majesty.”

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