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Chapter 228: 228

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Chapter 228: Cunning Long Yang

Therefore, Master had simply gone easy on this assassin and left him alive so that he could get hurt in front of Second Miss Lu and win her sympathy.

After connecting all the dots, Zhao Qian felt a surge of sincere admiration for his master.

‘What a brilliant move from Master!’

Second Miss Lu would definitely feel anxious and guilty after seeing Master get injured because of her. With that, Master would have the opportunity to receive some skin contact with her openly.

That, of course, was because Second Miss Lu was also skilled in medicine.

Zhao Qian was very much in awe of his master.

He thought that his master would not know how to capture Second Miss Lu’s heart as he had never coaxed a woman before. It seemed that he had been worrying for nothing, judging by how flawlessly Master’s scheme worked out.

Zhao Qian was greatly relieved.

He had thought that their efforts in setting up today’s visit had gone to waste. Unexpectedly, the assassins’ intrusion gave Master a second chance instead.

He even felt like thanking these assassins for providing such great help by breaking in.

He relaxed and issued orders to mop up the assassins’ bodies before going to the foreyard.

At this moment, Lu Liangwei was indoors treating Long Yang’s wound.

Long Yang sat in a chair with his left sleeve pulled up, revealing the hideous wound.

Lu Liangwei frowned at the sight.

Although the wound in front of her was not the worst she had ever seen, it was rather serious considering that Long Yang was the recipient.

Long Yang raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw her take out a few bottles and jars from the purse she carried on her.

“You even carry these things with you?”

Lu Liangwei nodded. “Yes.” Unwilling to elaborate, she arranged the medicine bottles deftly before proceeding to treat Long Yang’s wound.

She cleaned the wound, sprinkled some homemade medicinal powder, then bandaged it.

After doing all this, she picked up a bottle from the table, poured out a pill, and gave it to Long Yang.

“This medicine has anti-inflammatory effects. Please take one quickly, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang took it and gave it a once-over while the girl explained, “This medicine is not poisonous. If you’re worried, I can take a bite to show you.”

After saying that, she made a move to take the pill back from him.

Long Yang seized the opportunity to grab her fingers, his dark eyes gazing at her quietly. “I was just a little curious. I don’t doubt your medicine.”

Lu Liangwei felt her fingers suddenly being grasped and was about to pull away, but he released them before she could.


“Oh.” Lu Liangwei came back to her senses. Ignoring the lingering warmth on her fingertips, she hurried to the table and poured him a cup of warm water.

Long Yang accepted the water from her and took the pill.

Lu Liangwei put the cup back on the table and reminded him, “The wound is rather deep. You must avoid getting it wet for the next few days, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang nodded and asked, “And how do I change the dressing?”

Lu Liangwei shot him a glance, thinking to herself, ‘There are so many skilled imperial physicians in the palace. Any of them would know how to do it.’

However, since he had asked, she could only question tentatively, “Do you plan to stay in the imperial holiday home, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang’s eyes glinted. “Yes.”

“Is there an imperial physician accompanying you?” Lu Liangwei pressed.

“No.” Long Yang was telling the truth. He had not planned to stay in the imperial holiday home, so he naturally did not bring an imperial physician with him.

However, her first question had served as a reminder.

It was also alright for him to stay in the imperial holiday home.

“What about you? Were you planning to stay in the Lu family holiday home?” he asked.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “No, I’m going back in a while. You…”

Remembering that she was the cause of his injury, she thought for a while, then said, “Since Your Majesty is going to stay in the imperial holiday home, I’ll come back tomorrow to change your dressing.”

“Will it be too much trouble for you?” The corners of Long Yang’s mouth lifted imperceptibly.

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