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Chapter 242: 242

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Chapter 242: Regarded Him As A Scourge

For a while, they were all somewhat upset.

Seeing her grandmother, father, and brother becoming so distressed for her affairs, Lu Liangwei felt very guilty.

“Grandmother, Dad, Big Bro…”

She wanted to say, ‘Never mind, I’ll just go ahead and enter the palace.’ She did not want her family to be so troubled for her sake.

However, before she could finish the sentence, Lu Hetian interrupted her, “Tomorrow, Mother will enter the palace and ask to see the Emperor. Meanwhile, I’ll visit the Ji family and discuss marriage plans with Ji Qingyuan. If the Emperor refuses to take Weiwei as his goddaughter, I fear that he’ll mention his proposal to Mother straight away. That’s why I’ll go to the Ji Mansion and settle the marriage plans beforehand. Even if the Emperor doesn’t like the goddaughter idea, there’s no way he’d commit something like bride kidnapping.

“Of course, a marriage with the Ji family is only a stopgap measure. We can agree to it first. When the Emperor no longer pays attention to Weiwei, and if Weiwei really doesn’t like Ji Xiu, we’ll cancel the marriage.”

Lu Hetian had already calmed down at this moment and explained his decision in an orderly manner.

The Dowager Duchess was fully convinced by his words. “Your plan is more well-thought-out. Indeed, I don’t have a great feeling about entering the palace tomorrow, and I’m worried that the Emperor will force his proposal on us on the spot. But if you’ve already settled marriage plans with Ji Qingyuan, no matter how angry the Emperor may get, he wouldn’t go so far as to kidnap the bride. This is a good idea. Let’s do it.”

Lu Tingchen also nodded in agreement.

Although he served the Emperor, he could not side with him if he wanted to marry Weiwei.

The Emperor was really unsuitable for Weiwei.

As she watched how things had abruptly played out, Lu Liangwei was at a loss for words.

‘Since Grandmother and Father have already made their decision, so be it.’

Although she felt that it might be useless, she was reluctant to enter the palace obediently without putting up a fight.

If things really did not work out, only then would she decide the next step.

However, would the Ji family be willing to let the Lu family use them so blatantly?

Lu Liangwei was a little skeptical.

She neither wanted to enter the palace nor marry into the Ji family. If she wanted to cancel the marriage, would the Ji family agree to it?

She was a little uncertain.

However, when she met her father’s determined gaze, she suppressed all her doubts.

She did not want to marry. She wanted to stay in the Lu family forever.

The warmth of her family made that desire even stronger.

The palace.

It was already late at night, but the light in Hidden Dragon Palace had not gone out yet.

At this moment, Shi Yi was down on one knee and reporting the news he had received to his master one at a time.

Long Yang sat quietly in his chair and listened to his report.

After Shi Yi had finished, Zhao Qian was the first to burst out.

“What are the Dowager Duchess and Grand Duke thinking? They actually want to let Second Miss Lu marry into the Duke Ji family?”

Long Yang leaned his elbow on the armrest, massaging the center of his eyebrows with his fingers.

He had already predicted that the Dowager Duchess and Lu Hetian would not let Weiwei marry him so easily. However, he was not expecting that they would marry her off to a rich, frivolous boy like Ji Xiu just to prevent her from entering the palace.

Ji Xiu, huh?

His deep, unfathomable eyes narrowed slightly.

After Zhao Qian had spoken, he saw that his master was silent, the light casting an enigmatic shadow on his face, and he could not help feeling a little nervous.

The Grand Duke Family had really gone too far. It should be a blessing for them that Master fancied Second Miss Lu, but they regarded Master as a scourge instead. It was really too much.

Master must be furious right now.

Chu Qi and Shi Yi also stood still in silence.

After a long moment, Long Yang suddenly stood up.

His handsome, godly features showed no sign of emotion except indifference.

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