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Chapter 247: A Dark Cloud Appeared Over Long Yang’s Handsome Face

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Chapter 247: A Dark Cloud Appeared Over Long Yang’s Handsome Face

However, it was His Majesty. Who would dare reject His Majesty’s advances?

Would Weiwei have the courage to reject him?

She had never thought that her little granddaughter would be forced upon at an unknown time. She imagined how helpless and pitiful her granddaughter was and the thought of a rebellion even crossed her mind.

His Majesty was already quite old, how could he do this to her Weiwei?

Her poor Weiwei…

The Dowager Duchess’ eye turned red as she felt pain for Weiwei.

She clenched very tightly onto the golden sword, for fear that she would pull it out and swung it at the Emperor.

The Emperor had crossed the line, this was too much…

“Your Majesty, Weiwei is just a child, how could you…”

Long Yang, who had never really done anything to Weiwei, looked at the heartbroken Dowager Duchess, and at that moment, he felt horribly guilty.

Why did the Dowager Duchess have to bring along the golden sword?

The moment she opened that cloth bag, he knew what she was about to say.

That golden sword was bestowed to the Dowager Duchess by his father, and even he could not ignore that.

If the Dowager Duchess had used the golden sword to exchange for his promise not to marry Weiwei, he would have no choice but to accept it. He would then take back the golden sword once he gave his promise.

He had never expected the Dowager Duchess to mobilize the golden sword just to stop him from marrying Weiwei.

Even though the Grand Duke Family was on solid ground within the imperial court, but with the golden sword at hand, their status was given higher regard.

The golden sword was bestowed to them by the late Emperor and represented the late Emperor’s limitless glory.

Yet, the Dowager Duchess chose to bring it here…

Long Yang began reevaluating the elderly woman in front of him.

The Dowager Duchess had lived half her life serving the military and was an iron-willed and courageous woman. She was different than most women and was a woman who was able to hold her own when faced with her male peers.

Yet the Dowager Duchess loved and cherished Weiwei so much.

Long Yang was not unhappy with the Dowager Duchess using the golden sword as leverage, instead, he found himself having more respect for her.

“Please don’t be angry, Dowager Duchess. I was the one who was at fault with this. It has nothing to do with Weiwei. I was the one who forced myself on her.”

The Dowager Duchess’ expression turn stoic and green, she could taste a bloody sweetness in her mouth. “Your Majesty is the Emperor, how could you do any wrong? Even if someone was at fault, it would be Weiwei. The Grand Duke and I have failed to teach her well, which caused her to do something characteristically bad and shameless such as this.”

A dark cloud appeared over Long Yang’s handsome face. The atmosphere around him was filled with intimidation and danger.

The Dowager Duchess may sound like she was reprimanding Weiwei, but in fact, she was insinuating that he was shameless.

She was condemning him for taking Weiwei’s innocence.

Yes, he was being despicable. Even though he had only kissed Weiwei twice, but to marry her, he had no choice but to take the scolding.

The dark look in his eyes vanished at this thought.

“Dowager Duchess, please do not get angry with Weiwei. If you’re mad, just go ahead and scold me.”

The Dowager Duchess held her emotions back when she heard this. She said in a panicked manner, “Your Majesty, what are you saying? How would I dare scold you?”

Long Yang grunted coldly. She claimed that she dared not scold him, yet she had also implied that he was shameless. Did she think he did not catch that?

However, he decided to ignore it.

For the sake of that girl, getting scolded a sentence or two by the Dowager Duchess was nothing.

“Your Majesty, if there’s nothing else, I’ll take my leave,” the Dowager Duchess said calmly as she clenched on the golden sword.

Long Yang nodded. “Zhao Qian, see the Dowager Duchess out of the Palace.”

Zhao Qian immediately appeared from outside the door.

He had heard the entire conversation between the two of them inside the room.

The whole thing felt odd to him.

His master was truly thick-skinned, saying such words so brazenly just for the sake of marrying Second Miss Lu.

His master was not someone like this, but he was willing to be shameless for the sake of Second Miss Lu.

He criticized his master silently while approaching the Dowager Duchess in a friendly manner to help her up. “Dowager Duchess, please allow me to see you off.”

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