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Chapter 250: 250

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Chapter 250: He Had Even Compromised Her Innocence

The courtyard surroundings were peaceful and secluded, with very few servants—two or three at most.

Lu Liangwei glanced at her hand, which Long Yang was still holding, and gently tried to pull free. “Your Majesty?”

Long Yang did not let go. Instead, he continued to hold her hand and walked along the garden path, heading toward the pavilion.

They had only just taken their seats when a servant immediately brought over some tea and little cakes.

The cakes were exquisite and looked delicious, but Lu Liangwei had no appetite at all right now. She lifted her eyes to look at the man across from her. “Your Majesty, what did my grandmother say to you when she went to the Palace?”

Why had he said that she would be unable to leave even if she wanted to, once her grandmother returned?

Given Long Yang’s carefree attitude, she had already guessed that her grandmother must have returned with the wind knocked out of her sails.

However, her grandmother had gone prepared with some aces up her sleeve. Take her golden sword, for example. It had been bestowed upon her by the late Emperor, and even Long Yang would not dare to ignore it. Why then had her grandmother been so easily persuaded by Long Yang to back down?

Had he said something unusual to her grandmother?

Long Yang did not hide it from Lu Liangwei. “I told your grandmother that you are now my woman.”

Lu Liangwei was stunned; she was instantly furious. “How could Your Majesty say something so utterly irresponsible? We have never done any…”

“What do you mean we haven’t?” Long Yang was not perturbed by her attitude. Initially, he had felt slightly guilty, but when he saw how angry she was, a trace of a smile flitted through his dark eyes. His slender fingers with their distinct, prominent joints brushed over the patterns on his teacup.

Lu Liangwer choked.

Fine, they had kissed before.

Lu Liangwei did not really have much of an upper hand, but she still felt very troubled.

What would her grandmother think after what Long Yang had said?

No wonder he had told Lu Liangwei that once her grandmother returned home, she would be unable to leave the mansion even if she wanted to.

It would be a miracle if her grandmother were not angry after hearing what he had said.

“Are you angry?” Long Yang asked, his voice full of laughter.

Lu Liangwei glared at him. Of course she was angry, but instead, she retorted, “Your humble servant would not dare be angry.”

Long Yang gazed at her in amusement. She had used the phrase ‘humble servant’, yet she still insisted she would not dare to be angry.

“I’m allowing you to be angry.” His tone was indulgent.

Lu Liangwei felt rather remorseful. If she had known that the matter was not going to be so easy after all, she would have persuaded her grandmother not to go to the Palace.

It was far too late now. Not only had Long Yang failed to change his mind, but he had also even compromised her ‘innocence’. It was truly a Pyrrhic victory at best.

So what if he was allowing her to be angry? Could she actually bite him?

She picked up the cake on her plate and bit into it hard. She completely failed to notice that there were crumbs stuck to the corners of her mouth.

A hand reached forward and gently wiped the corners of her lips.

Lu Liangwei froze mid-move. She blinked and stared at the man opposite her.

Long Yang smiled.

He always felt that whenever he was with her, she always had the capacity to delight him.

She still had a mouthful of cake, at which point she had forgotten to chew and swallow. Cheeks bulging from the food, she stared blankly at him.

Long Yang raised his finely-shaped eyebrows. “Why aren’t you eating?”

Lu Liangwei gave a start; only then did she begin chewing.

Long Yang had already withdrawn his hand.

Lu Liangwei felt a little embarrassed when she saw the crumbs on his fingers and hastily wiped the corners of her lips.

With the utmost consideration, Long Yang placed some tea in front of her.

The cakes were rather dry. Lu Liangwei had just picked up her teacup to take a sip when she heard Long Yang saying unhurriedly, “Do you know why the Dowager Duchess came to the Palace?”

Lu Liangwei paused for a moment, then nodded. “Yes.”

Long Yang’s gaze was full of scrutiny. “Are you so unwilling to marry into the Palace because you can’t forget about the Crown Prince?”

Lu Liangwei choked on her tea. “Cough cough!”

Her face turned red from coughing.

Long Yang stood up and patted her gently on the back with his large hands. “Drink slower.”

It took quite a while for Lu Liangwei to finally stop coughing. In her heart, she felt that she had been drinking quite slowly. ‘It’s what you said that’s far too outrageous, alright?!’

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