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Chapter 254: 254

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Chapter 254: Your Majesty Is Such A Well-Preserved Vintage

Long Yang saw her looking at himself with a freaked-out expression and hastily asked with concern, “What’s the matter? Are you not feeling well somewhere?”

Lu Liangwei came back to her senses, and her face suddenly turned a deep shade of red.

Embarrassed and exasperated, she gasped, “Your Majesty, what are you thinking? I’m still a child myself…” Why was the subject of giving birth suddenly involved?!

Moreover, she had not even decided whether to marry him or not, but he had already thought of faraway matters like having a child.

What did she say to make him misunderstand so terribly?

Lu Liangwei stared at him, feeling at a loss for words.

After hearing what she said, Long Yang seemed to understand something, and his eyes darkened.

Compared to him, she was indeed very young, but there were many people who gave birth at her age.

However, she was still too young for him after all…

He was silent for a long time, then he patted her head and fixed her with a gentle gaze. “Yes, I know, so I don’t plan to make you pregnant right after the wedding.” When he said this, his ears warmed, an unnatural blush appeared on his handsome face, and his fingers slightly tightened their grip on her hand.

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She felt storm clouds billowing above her head. What the hell was he saying?

“What makes you so sure that I’ll marry you, Your Majesty?” she said indignantly, no longer concerned about his status as the Emperor and whether he would punish her for the disrespect.

Long Yang shifted his gaze to her face and said in a determined and dictating tone, “Yes, you can only marry me.” If not for his desire to give her a grand wedding, he would capture her right now and never let her go again.

Lu Liangwei’s steely expression faded at his authoritative tone.

She shot him a sidelong glance. “Your Majesty, I would actually prefer being your daughter.”

Sure enough, the moment she uttered those words, she saw his handsome face darken.

The corners of Lu Liangwei’s mouth lifted faintly, her pent-up frustration suddenly released.

She should not be the only one getting upset.

She blinked and continued, “Your Majesty, since I cured you of the poison, can you make me County Princess? Of course, if you’re willing to accept me as your goddaughter, I’d become a princess, and that’d make me happier. When you grow old, I’ll take good care of you.”

Long Yang, “…”

He was so angry that he found himself laughing instead. “Have you ever seen a father who would kiss his own daughter?”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

When Long Yang saw her at a loss for words, the gloom in his heart dissipated, and he lifted her delicate chin, saying teasingly, “To repay you for saving my life, I plan to give my whole self to you. You should be content with that.”

Lu Liangwei slapped his hand away and said calmly, “If you really want to repay me, Your Majesty, you don’t have to make such a big sacrifice. You can just send me a few handsome young men.”

She had emphasized the word “young” when she spoke, then she continued, “Your Majesty is such a well-preserved vintage; I certainly would not be able to appreciate you. I think you should reserve yourself for the consorts in your harem. I prefer younger men myself.”

“Handsome young men? Well-preserved vintage?” Long Yang’s eyes narrowed menacingly. Unlike his previous gentle demeanor, he now emanated an intimidating aura all over.

Feeling it was unwise to push him any further, Lu Liangwei immediately yielded and quickly said, “Actually, Your Majesty is still very young, really, and also mature and attractive… Mmm!”

Before she could finish, her mouth was sealed.

Her eyes bulged as she stared at the handsome face right in front of her.

The man’s unfamiliar yet fresh and pleasant smell filled her mouth.

Lu Liangwei’s head went blank.

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