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Chapter 28

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The Crown Prince and Crown Princess would be arriving soon, and the Dowager Duchess had no option but to welcome them in person at the entrance of the mansion.

Lu Liangwei slowly walked out of Dusklight Court, and just happened to encounter the Dowager Duchess.

A slightly frosty look appeared in Lu Liangwei’s eyes

Lu Yunshuang really gave herself such airs—she even had the nerve to require that the Dowager Duchess welcome her in person!

Lu Liangwei cursed silently, but she did not dare to show negligence in her actions. She immediately hurried over.

“Grandmother, let me help you.”

The moment the Dowager Duchess saw her, a kindly smile appeared on her face, and she nodded. “Very well.”

Aunt Lan was supporting the Dowager Duchess’ other arm; when she saw Lu Liangwei, she nodded with a smile. “Second Young Miss.”

Aunt Lan was almost the same age as the Dowager Duchess; in fact, she even looked slightly older. Lu Liangwei could not bear to see her supporting the Dowager Duchess when Aunt Lan herself was already so elderly.

Therefore, she said, “Aunt Lan, I’ll be alright supporting Grandmother on my own.”

Aunt Lan looked at her and replied mildly, “Second Young Miss, don’t underestimate my old bones—I’m actually still very strong.”

Lu Liangwei was about to say something, but the Dowager Duchess gave Aunt Lan a glare and scolded teasingly, “You already know you’re old, yet you still want to help me. If you fall, our old bones will suffer, both of us.”

Aunt Lan murmured, “It’s true that I look older than you, but in fact, I have much more strength than you, and I have more energy.”

When Dowager Duchess heard that, she became unhappy. “When I hear you say that, I really want to trade blows with you to see who’s stronger.”


At that, she rolled up her sleeves and looked as if she wanted to fight Aunt Lan.

Seeing this, Aunt Lan hastily rolled down the Dowager Duchess’ sleeve and said placatingly in amusement, “Alright, alright, your strength is greater than mine, are you satisfied now?”


Only then did the Dowager Duchess nod. “As long as you acknowledge that. You don’t need to help me anymore now.”

“Yes, yes, yes, I won’t help you anymore.” Aunt Lan gave in.

Watching the two old people, Lu Liangwei did not know whether to cry or to laugh.

“Grandmother, why not let me help you instead.”

The Dowager Duchess actually had quite a lot of energy, and she could walk steadily, but when her little granddaughter offered to help her, she did not refuse either.

When they arrived at the entrance of the mansion, they saw that Aunt Zheng was already there in eager anticipation of her daughter’s arrival.

When Aunt Zheng saw the Dowager Duchess and Lu Liangwei arriving, she could not entirely hide the smug expression in her eyes.

However much the Dowager Duchess threw her weight around on any given day, did she not also have to come to the entrance of the mansion to greet Aunt Zheng’s daughter when she visited?

Aunt Zheng felt an inner sense of superiority, but on the surface, she still made a show of being respectful.


“Madam, why are you here as well? It will be enough to have us waiting here; Madam should go back first and rest for a while.” After saying this, she came forward, intending to help the Dowager Duchess back inside.

How could the Dowager Duchess not be aware of what Aunt Zheng was thinking in her heart?

The old woman’s shrewd eyes swept over Aunt Zheng. “I’m already here—how absurd would it be if I go back again now? Furthermore, if the Crown Princess is returning home, even if the old Founding Duke were alive, he would have to welcome her in person too.”

Under that extremely imposing gaze, Madam Zheng felt frightened and uneasy. When she heard the Dowager Duchess mention the Founding Duke, her heart could not help but sink.

She could tell that the Dowager Duchess was actually very dissatisfied about needing to welcome Shuang’er in person.

“Madam, perhaps you are being too serious. Although Shuang’er has become the Crown Princess, she is still a daughter of the Lu family. Moreover, she is most filial and respectful to Madam. When she arrives later and sees Madam standing here, she will find it hard to bear, so it’s best that Madam goes back to rest.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at Madam Zheng blandly.

‘You’re only starting to panic now—what were you doing earlier?’

The minute Lu Yunshuang was about to return to the mansion, Aunt Zheng could not wait to let the entire household know about it—all she lacked was a gong to make noise with.

She wanted everyone to be at the mansion entrance to welcome Lu Yunshuang.

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