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Chapter 289: 289

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Chapter 289: Did You Use Some Slutty Underhanded Tactic

Long Chi clenched his fingers into a tight fist under his sleeves.

How did he never before realize how astonishing her beauty was?

Did her beauty also catch the eyes of his Royal Uncle, which was why he wanted to marry her so urgently?

He had heard that the wedding would be held on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival. It was less than three months from now.

He had never known that his Royal Uncle was someone so impatient.

Could his impatience be caused by his need to own Lu Liangwei’s body?

He really should think twice. Could he even perform?

Marrying Lu Liangwei into the Palace was just making her live as a widow, even though Royal Uncle was alive now. Why would he do that to her? Such a gorgeous girl’s life simply to be destroyed by him just like that.

Although, the fact that his Royal Uncle did not have long to live could also be a good thing. Once he passed, Long Chi would figure out a way to make Lu Liangwei his.

At the thought of that, that gloomy feeling he had felt upon finding out about the marriage immediately disappeared.

So what if his Royal Uncle married her? In the end, Long Chi would be the one to have her, just like Royal Uncle’s kingdom and his throne.

Everything would be his in the end!

At this thought, he looked at Lu Liangwei with a slight smile and finally walked forward to give the Dowager Duchess a greeting.

Even though the Dowager Duchess had plenty of dissatisfaction regarding the Crown Prince, it was still necessary to act with formality.

She was about to stand up when Long Chi stopped her. “There is no need for formalities, grandmother. It’s alright to just treat me as a junior.”

The Dowager Duchess found this slightly strange, but she never wanted to curtsy for him so she took the opportunity to sit back down.

“Thank you, Crown Prince.”

Long Chi shook his head graciously and sat down on a chair.

Aunt Lan served the tea she had just made.

Lu Liangwei was feeling deeply uncomfortable about the look Long Chi had given her earlier.

Was something wrong with him?

When she noticed his gaze boring into her discreetly, it felt so sickly that she wanted to throw up.

Had the brain of this dog of a Crown Prince been clipped by a door?

His Lu Yunshuang was sitting on the other side of her. Could he already have problems with his eyesight and was unable to distinguish between people at such a young age?

Lu Liangwei could no longer stay relaxed under his constant staring.

She put down the snack in her hand and was about to find an excuse to leave, when Lu Yunshuang asked seemingly nonchalantly, “Weiwei, what exactly happened between you and His Majesty? Why did His Majesty…”

‘Why did His Majesty suddenly become interested in you? Did you use some slutty underhanded tactic to seduce His Majesty?’ Lu Liangwei knew that was what her sister meant to say, but could not.

She turned to glance at Lu Yunshaung and smiled as she said, “Big Sis, do you really want to know?”

Lu Yunshuang slightly adjusted the jade hairpin on her head and smiled in reply, “I’m just curious, you know? If Lil Sis finds it inconvenient, you don’t need to tell me.”

Lu Liangwei sneered, but knew her expression looked troubled. “I’m actually not really sure. If Big Sis is curious, perhaps you can ask His Majesty directly.”

Lu Yunshuang choked as her fingers clenched tightly around her handkerchief.

Stupid Lu Liangwei was making fun of her.

Would she dare to ask His Majesty for his reasons?

Lu Yunshuang was always nervous and scared every time she faced His Majesty, for some reason. That man was supposed to have poison all the way through in his heart and lungs. He was about to die, and yet every time his eyes swept over her, there was a domineering pressure that made one almost unable to breathe.

The mere thought of it struck fear into her. How could she even dare talk to His Majesty about this?

When Lu Liangwei saw that her sister was too angry to speak, she made a move to leave as soon as possible and said to the Dowager Duchess, “Grandmother, it’s rare for Big Sis to be home. She might have quite a lot to say to you, it won’t be convenient for me to stay here.”

With that, she playfully stuck out her tongue.

The look on the Dowager Duchess’s face turned gentle. She wanted the girl to stay, but she looked at the Crown Prince and later at Shuang’er. It would be very uncomfortable for her to continue staying if she did. So, the Dowager Duchess nodded in agreement. “Alright, leave if you want to. I’m pretty sure you don’t find this enjoyable and you’re just looking for a bunch of excuses.”

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