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Chapter 292: 292

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Chapter 292: I’m Your Dear Aunt

Lu Liangwei experienced some regrets. In terms of strength, she was still too weak, so she was unable to kick this scumbag, Long Chi, hard enough to drop him to the ground.

“I can only treat rude people with the same rudeness,” Lu Liangwei said coldly and moved to leave with Zhu Yu.

Seeing this, Long Chi’s brows drew together in a tight frown. In a low, menacing voice, he growled, “Lu Liangwei, you’re going to regret this.”

Lu Liangwei snorted disdainfully. “Whether I regret anything or not, what does that have to do with you? Oh wait, my mistake—you’ll have to call me Aunt soon. Strictly speaking, that does have just a tiny bit to do with you.”

Long Chi was so enraged he wanted to cough up blood.

Since when had Lu Liangwei become like this?

She used to want to cling to his side every day, but now…

Were all women so fickle? Previously she had devoted her entire life to loving him, but it had not even been that long, and she was already willing to marry someone else.

Long Chi’s expression darkened further. “Lu Liangwei, we’ve been acquainted for a while, so don’t blame me for not warning you. Uncle is not what you think he is. He…” He paused as if concerned about something.

Lu Liangwei raised her eyebrows. Given Long Chi’s veiled, suggestive words, she was very much aware of what he meant.

In the original novel, Long Chi and Lu Yunshuang had known way in advance that Long Yang was poisoned and did not have long to live.

They were waiting for Long Yang to die so that they could ascend to the throne.

However, their plan would ultimately fail because Long Yang’s poison had already been flushed out of his system. He would not die. Furthermore, if he took good care of his health, he might live longer than this cur, Long Chi.

As long as Long Yang was still Emperor, Long Chi could not ascend to the throne. The mere thought of this was gratifying.

As she considered this, Lu Liangwei glanced at Long Chi pityingly and pretended to be confused. “If he’s not what I think, then what’s he like?” If he dared to say it out loud, then she would also dare to inform Long Yang that Long Chi had already known about his illness and was waiting for him to die so he could take over the kingdom.

However, whether Long Yang would believe her or not was another matter.

Even if Long Yang did not believe her, once the seeds of doubt had been sown, Long Chi’s position as Heir Apparent would not be smooth sailing.

Infuriated by her pitying gaze, Long Chi was about to step forward when he saw Lu Liangwei toying with the silver needle in her hand. He could not help stopping in his tracks, and his eyes narrowed.

“Lu Liangwei, you certainly have some nerve, daring to prick the Crown Prince himself with a needle. Do you know what your punishment should be?”

Lu Liangwei looked at him in surprise. “When did I prick you with a needle? Even if Your Highness wants to convict me of a crime, there should be proof of it. Where’s the proof?”

Long Chi pulled up his sleeve. “You want proof? The needle prick on my arm is proof!” With that, he looked down to search for the so-called needle prick.

However, there was no such mark on his firm, smooth skin.

Lu Liangwei glanced over and observed with a faint smirk, “Your Highness, are you trying to exhibit your taut, lustrous skin to me? Mmm, it’s not bad at all. Compared to a woman’s skin, it’s certainly not inferior in the least; very tender and delicate indeed.”

Hearing this, Long Chi glared at Lu Liangwei with a livid expression, as if he had just suffered terrible humiliation. “What did you say?”

“Your Highness couldn’t hear me?” Lu Liangwei shot back.

Long Chi felt the metallic taste of blood in his throat. If he dared to nod, she would definitely not stand on ceremony and ask how the Crown Prince could possibly become deaf at such a young age?

How could such abominable words come out of that lovely mouth?

“Lu Liangwei, don’t think you can do as you please and disrespect me just because you have Uncle’s support. I…”

Lu Liangwei interrupted him unhurriedly, “Excuse me; I’m the future Empress and your dear aunt. So what if I disrespect you? Don’t tell me you have the nerve to deliberately offend me—your elder—and go against me?”

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