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Chapter 298: 298

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Chapter 298: Good Night, Your Majesty

Lu Liangwei was instantly stunned by his words as ripples of emotions filled her heart.

Even she did not notice the sudden sweetness and delight she felt.

At that moment, she forgot about his identity as the Emperor. She reached out to grab him at the sleeves. “I will help you nurture your health well. Your Majesty will definitely live long and healthy.”

Looking at the young girl’s smiling eyes, he suddenly had some hesitation.

She was such a good person. Was he acting too selfish by forcing her into marrying him?

He was fifteen years older than she was. No matter how he managed to take good care of his body, he would still be the one to leave her first…

Lu Liangwei saw his eyes went slightly dull with a concerned expression on his face, she could not help but worry. “What’s wrong, Your Majesty?”

Long Yang recovered from his thoughts and looked at his sleeves which she was holding on to. It was the first time he did not dare look at her lively eyes.

Would she blame him in the future?

“It’s getting late and the night will be slightly cold. You should go to bed.” Long Yang collected his thoughts and held her hand, seeing her back into her room.

After she laid down and he tucked her in under the covers, Long Yang looked at her for a while before blowing out the candles in the room.

He was about to leave when he suddenly heard the young girl’s soft, coquettish voice calling out from the bed, “Good night, Your Majesty!”

Long Yang replied with an ‘Alright’, and left the room, slightly distracted.

After closing the room door, he stood in the dark for quite a while before finally leaving.

Zhao Qian and Chu Qi were guarding outside the Emperor’s sleeping quarters when they saw their master returned. He did not look happy. He went straight into his study room and did not come out.

They looked at each other. “What’s wrong with Master? He looks upset.”

Chu Qi looked at the study room behind him and frowned. “He came back from where Second Miss Lu was.”

Zhao Qian said worriedly, “Could Master have been angered by Second Miss Lu?”

Chu Qi did not comment.

From the way his master doted on Second Miss Lu, she could very likely be putting on airs with him.

Chi Yi came strolling in from the palace gates right then.

He saw both of them standing outside the study room, whispering to each other. He wondered what they were talking about and immediately approached them. “What are you guys discussing?”

Zhao Qian glanced at him and thought of something. He beamed at Chu Yi. “Dear Chu Yi, Master had just returned from Second Miss Lu’s place. He must be hungry. Serve this supper to Master for him to enjoy.”

With that, he passed the tray in his hands over to Chu Yi.

Chu Yi quickly took a step back and gave Zhao Qian a cautious look. “I’m only in charge of the defense at Hidden Dragon Palace. This sort of work is not my responsibility. Quit trying to trick me!”

Zhao Qian’s face twitched a little as he glared unhappily at Chu Yi.

When did this fellow turn smart?

That said, his master was not in a good mood when he returned. There was no way Zhao Qian would want to enter the study room now.

As he thought about this, that wide smile appeared on his face once more as he said, “How could you say something like that? Serving the master is within the scope of our duty. How could you draw such clear lines? Have you forgotten who was the one who jumped down a cliff to save you?”

Chu Yi opened his mouth, “I…”

Zhao Qian continued smiling as he pushed the tray over. “Go on in. Master might be cheered up by this and decide to bestow a marriage on you.”

Chu Yi took the tray and was about to push the door open when it was suddenly opened from the inside.

Long Yang stepped out and walked straight past without even looking at the three of them. He went into his sleeping quarters next door.

All three of them, “…”

As soon as he walked out of sight, Zhao Qian remembered something and ran immediately into the study room.

His master had stayed in there for quite a long time. What was he doing?

He would never mark Palace Memorials when he was in a bad mood.

However, he was inside for quite a while. It would not be possible for him to not do anything…

Zhao Qian’s gaze suddenly turned to below the imperial table.

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