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Chapter 300: 300

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Chapter 300: You’re Taking A Yard After I Gave You An Inch

Chu Yi sneered. “Zhao Qian, you damn fatso. Afraid of Master finding out how filthy your heart is? I should be telling Master about this, so he’ll detest you!”

Zhao Qian frowned. “How am I being filthy? No, about this, you can’t ever tell Master. You will just embarrass him.”

“You should be the embarrassed one,” Chu Yi glared at him viciously.

Zhao Qian gave this a thought. “You’re right.”

After all, Zhao Qian was the one who had snuck a peek at the writing.

Chu Yi was taken aback. He had never expected the fellow to admit it so readily. The anger in Chu Yi’s heart dissipated somewhat. He lectured Zhao Qian, “You should change if you know how embarrassing it is.”

Zhao Qian nodded. “I’ll never sneak another peek without Master’s permission in the future.”

Chu Yi stared at him.

Why did Chu Yi have the feeling that he and Zhao Qian were not on the same page?

What did Zhao Qian peek at?

Chu Yi suddenly thought about what Zhao Qian could mean, and pointed accusatorily at him. “I see you’ve not been completely castrated. Otherwise, you would not be going about doing something perverse like this. How dare you sneak peeks at indecent publications? I’ll be sure to report this to Master and get him to punish you,” he scolded angrily.

Zhao Qian gave Chu Yi a puzzled look at the passionate rant.

What indecent publications?

Zhao Qian was suddenly angry. “Chu Yi, I’ve been forgiving about you calling me a castrated man with such rudeness — but now, you’re just taking a yard after I kindly gave you an inch!”

With that, he threw his fist at Chu Yi.

Chu Yi instantly dodged and evaded it. He pulled out his broadsword to join in the fight, swishing it violently at Zhao Qian.

Chu Qi was standing outside when he heard the commotion coming from the study room. He was taken back. They had just been hugging each other so lovingly, and now they were fighting like dogs just a moment later?

Soon, Zhao Qian and Chu Yi came flying out of the study room together.

They knew not to battle it out at Hidden Dragon Palace.

They left the palace in a hurry.

It was already late at night, but the lights of the Virtuous Consort’s Noble Fragrance Palace were still lit up brightly.

All four concubines, who were headed by Virtuous Consort, were congregated here.

Four of them had never really been friendly towards each other, and none of them liked one another. It was a very rare situation for them to be getting together like this.

The four of them had been sitting for quite a while without anyone saying a word.

The palace maids had all retreated outside, and the room growing even quieter.

It seemed like they could sit like this until the next morning with little trouble.

No one knew how much time had passed before the Pure Consort finally reached her wit’s end and spoke, “I say, why aren’t any of you saying a word?”

The Virtuous Consort’s eyes darted around the room. She was the one who had invited everyone here and it was not a good idea to continue staying silent. A smile appeared on her lips as she said, “Lil Sis Pure Consort, what do you have to say about this situation?”

The Pure Consort waved her hand and said nonchalantly, “What have I to say? Even though she’s younger than us, she’ll be the Empress upon entering the Palace doors. She will have the Phoenix Seal and rule the imperial harem. When that time comes, all matters pertaining to the imperial harem will be decided by a child younger than us.” The edge that her words had hinted that she was not as blasé as she pretended to be.

The Virtuous Consort sneered in her heart but did not comment. She turned her gaze toward Prudence Consort and analyzed the dejected expression on her face, which only made the Virtuous Consort sneer further.

She knew very well what was Ji Linghui thinking.

One could say that they shared the same goal.

Before the appearance of Lu Liangwei, both of them were vying for the spot of Empress. They wanted to be the nearest they could to that position, and they would do anything for it.

Even though His Majesty had always been cold and distant toward them, the balance within the Palace had always been kept, at least. She had always thought that even though she could not have the title of Empress, no one else would be able to steal the title from her either.

However, reality had given her a vicious slap across the face for believing so.

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