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Chapter 311: 311

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Chapter 311: Banished To The Cold Palace Right Away

The Emperor had offered to lead the way for Lu Liangwei?

Did the Emperor know what he was doing? Lu Liangwei did not even try to refuse and complied just like that. Who did she think she was?

Who was she to let the dignified Emperor lead the way for her?

Consumed by jealousy, the Noble Consort immediately lost her composure. She suddenly took a step forward and said considerately, “The Emperor has a lot of work to do, and state affairs shouldn’t be neglected. Since Lil Sis Liangwei’s interested in touring the imperial garden, I can lead the way for her, if she doesn’t mind.”

It was a great blessing and honor for Lu Liangwei to have an honorable imperial consort volunteer to be her guide. Any sensible person would not refuse this offer.

Just when the Noble Consort was thinking pridefully to herself, she heard the Emperor’s intimidating voice boomed, “The imperial harem is prohibited from discussing state affairs, but the Noble Consort doesn’t seem to understand this. Zhao Qian, deliver my edict: the Noble Consort has disobeyed the rules, and from now onward, she’ll be demoted to the rank of Talented Lady as punishment!”

The blood instantly drained from the Noble Consort’s face, and she looked at Long Yang, her countenance deathly pale.

She was convicted of discussing state affairs carelessly after saying just a few words. The Emperor was so cruel!

Zhao Qian shook his head discreetly. The Noble Consort was usually sensible, but why was she so inappropriate today?

Who did she think she was? How dare she doubt Master’s decision and insolently decide on behalf of him?

Zhao Qian was unsympathetic toward the Noble Consort. Too bad Master did not care about her and the other consorts.

To him, Master’s preferences were above all others, and he worshipped them like a god.

“You should thank His Majesty, Talented Lady Zhuang.” He walked over and coolly reminded the Noble Consort, who had yet to recover from her senses.

A dead silence fell over the entrance to the imperial garden. Even the Virtuous Consort and Lu Yunshuang, who had rushed over to greet the Emperor after receiving the news, were frozen in shock.

What just happened?

Why was the Noble Consort demoted to the rank of Talented Lady out of the blue?

Lu Liangwei also glanced at Long Yang in surprise. Why did he lose his temper so suddenly?

She turned and gave the Noble Consort a once-over. At this moment, the Noble Consort had lost all her coldness and arrogance from their first meeting. She stood there, her face as white as a sheet, seeming to have forgotten how to react, and only the trembling hem of her dress gave away her fear and unease.

Even so, the Noble Consort’s beauty did not diminish in the least. On the contrary, she appeared somewhat fragile and pitiful.

The Noble Consort seemed to notice Lu Liangwei’s examining gaze and finally came back to her senses. Failing to suppress her resentment in time, she glared at Lu Liangwei viciously.

It was all because of her. If it were not for her, she would not have said those words and offended the Emperor.

She, the Noble Consort, suddenly demoted to the rank of Talented Lady?

The Noble Consort felt like crying blood.

All her dreams throughout the years had fallen through at this moment. In a flash, she pulled a golden hair stick from her hair and dashed toward Lu Liangwei.

“Lu Liangwei, go to hell…”

Zhao Qian was horrified. He had been standing right beside the Noble Consort, but he did not expect her to go insane.

Everything had happened so suddenly, and it was too late when he wanted to stop her.

Lu Liangwei also did not expect the Noble Consort to attack so abruptly.

However, the moment she hurtled over, she was not afraid.

The silver needle she hid in her sleeve had already slid between her fingertips.

However, before she could save herself, she fell into a man’s solid embrace.


At the same time, a piercing shriek split everyone’s eardrums.

Nestled in Long Yang’s arms, Lu Liangwei caught a glimpse of him kicking his foot outward.

Just like Qin Wanru last time, the Noble Consort screamed and collapsed heavily to the ground.

Long Yang’s deep and wrathful voice sounded immediately afterward, “Talented Lady Zhuang is a wicked woman who dares to harm my fiancee. She shall be banished to the Cold Palace this instant.”

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