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Chapter 314: 314

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Chapter 314: If He Really Wanted A Child, Weiwei Could Bear Him One

If not for Hong Xiu holding tightly onto her arm, Lu Yunshuang would have lunged at Lu Liangwei right then and scratched her face.

That damn b*tch. How dare she curse this child that Lu Yunshuang had been waiting for for so long?

What bad intentions did Lu Liangwei have?

The vicious look in Lu Yunshuang’s eyes could not be hidden.

She gave Lu Liangwei a deadly stare. Her voice was sharp. “Lu Liangwei, stop with your nonsense. Cursing an imperial heir is a crime punishable by beheading. Don’t think that you can spout ridiculous words just because your grandmother and father are protective of you. This is the Crown Prince’s first child. Do you understand how important this is?”

Lu Liangwei took a step backward, as if frightened by her sister’s words. She said pensively, “Big Sis, you’re being really scary. I wasn’t spouting nonsense. Didn’t you just say you believed in my medical skills? Why are you unhappy that I’ve told you the truth? You look like you’re about to swallow me whole.”

Lu Yunshuang’s chest heaved. It was clear that she was quite angered by this. “Lu Liangwei, you bit…”

“I think the person spouting the nonsense here is you, Crown Princess,” the terrifyingly chilling voice of a man was heard, interrupting the words Lu Yunshuang was about to say.

Lu Yunshuang was startled and she felt her back turn wet with sweat.

She was finally pulled back to her senses after that momentary lapse of reason.

She immediately knelt. “I was worried about the imperial heir, and said some words I shouldn’t have in a moment of emotion. I accept any punishment given to me, Your Majesty.”

No matter how emotional she had been, it was all because of the child in her tummy. There was an imperial heir in there and even if His Majesty had issues with her temper, he would not truly punish her.

She was convinced that she was pregnant.

It was because her period had been delayed for quite many days. If not for Chen Qiyu’s antics, she would not have forgotten about this.

She was pregnant now, and the child in her tummy was her best protection.

His Majesty would never really punish her for the sake of the imperial heir.

She was confident about this.

“Since the Crown Princess chose the wrong words because you were anxious, I will exempt you from any punishment. However, as the Crown Princess, you should set an example for others, but your actions and words just now have proven to be undignified for one who is from the imperial family. Everyone here is witness to this and if I don’t teach you a lesson, it will convince the public to forgive your actions. Continue kneeling here, Crown Princess, and reflect on your actions. Once you have repented, you may stand up.”

Lu Yunshuang lifted her head disbelievingly at Long Yang’s words. “Your Majesty…”

There was a child in her. How could he allow her to kneel?

What did he mean by exempting her from punishment and just teaching her a lesson?

It was the biggest punishment for His Majesty to make her kneel in public and repent. How could she still have any dignity to face people after this?

Lu Yunshuang’s confidence had now been shaken and replaced with panic.

Long Yang did not even look at her. He had noticed from this situation that the Crown Princess was full of ill will towards his future little Empress.

So what if Lu Yunshuang was really pregnant? He did not care about having grandnephews. If he really wanted a child, Weiwei could bear him one.

Lu Yunshuang was full of herself!

He approached Lu Liangwei and humorously watched as she continued acting.

“Aren’t you feeling tired? Let’s go.”

Lu Liangwei gave a sympathetic look at Lu Yunshuang kneeling on the ground.

She must have thought being pregnant would warrant her immunity.

Lu Liangwei wondered where Lu Yunshuang’s confidence came from.

She gave Long Yang a seemingly troubled look and turned to look at Lu Yunshuang again.

Lu Yunshuang noticed this and thought Lu Liangwei would plead for mercy on her behalf. Lu Yunshuang breathed a sigh of relief as she started to feel slightly arrogant once more.

She knew that Lu Liangwei would not dare to abandon her. Lu Liangwei would definitely plead for mercy on her behalf.

Lu Liangwei found it quite funny when she saw that confident look on Lu Yunshuang’s face, but a regretful look appeared on Lu Liangwei’s face instead of a laugh. “Big Sis, even though you refuse to listen to me, I still insist for you to quickly summon an imperial physician to give you a check-up. Maybe the imperial physician will be more skilled and can find a way for you to keep your child. Otherwise, I’m afraid this child of yours will be miscarried within five days.”

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