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Chapter 32

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The Dowager Duchess came back to her senses and saw that Lu Liangwei’s beautiful eyes were luminous and clear, serene in their depths, and devoid of any personal feeling for Long Chi.

She was relieved but could not help feeling a little guilty at the same time.

Just now, when Lu Yunshuang spoke in that manner, the Dowager Duchess had harbored a trace of suspicion within her heart about Lu Liangwei.

She had suspected that all Lu Liangwei’s changes today were entirely for Long Chi, for the sake of capturing his heart.

If that were the case, Lu Liangwei was really not fit to be her granddaughter.


Aside from the fact that Long Chi had already married Lu Yunshuang, considering his previous attitude toward Lu Liangwei—casting her aside as if she were an old shoe—Lu Liangwei should have stopped pestering him or it would only make others look down on her even more.

Women could be unreserved, but they absolutely had to have dignity.

At this moment, realizing that Lu Liangwei was no longer still in love with Long Chi like she had imagined, the Dowager Duchess felt guilty but, at the same time, finally relieved.

She touched Lu Liangwei’s gleaming, silky, raven-black hair, smiling. “Our Weiwei is so beautiful and well-behaved; why worry about not being able to marry a good husband? In the future, Grandmother will definitely find a good family for you.”

These words came straight from the Dowager Duchess’s heart, but at the same time, she was also supporting Lu Liangwei and deliberately saying them for Long Chi to hear.

Although Long Chi had eventually married Lu Yunshuang, the way he had made a show of choosing between her two granddaughters had rather upset the Dowager Duchess.


Her granddaughters did not need to worry about marrying well. Even though Long Chi was the Heir Apparent, he should not have treated her granddaughters in such an offhand manner.

The Dowager Duchess’s words were clearly understood not just by Lu Liangwei, but by everyone present.

Lu Yunshuang was rather resentful of the Dowager Duchess’s favoritism toward Lu Liangwei. At the same time, the jealousy in her heart sprouted wildly like weeds.


The handkerchief in her hands was practically in shreds from being twisted.

She did not understand why the Dowager Duchess had changed her opinion of Lu Liangwei upon her return this time.

Long Chi sat in his seat, straight-backed and serious.


Hearing the implicit meaning behind the Dowager Duchess’ comments, his feelings were complicated.

Involuntarily, he glanced at Lu Liangwei.

He noticed then that this Second Miss Lu, whom he had previously despised, had somehow changed at some point and was no longer the same.

That beautiful face seemed to have become even lovelier, and those sparkling eyes had become more dazzling.

When gazing at people quietly, her eyes shimmered as if there were speckles of starlight in them, drawing everyone’s attention.

Long Chi’s fingers slowly tightened on the teacup he was holding.

When he turned his gaze toward Lu Yunshuang, who was elegant and graceful as a swan, the strange feeling in his heart disappeared.

Lu Liangwei might have changed, but no matter how she changed, she could not compare with Lu Yunshuang.

Lu Liangwei was far inferior to Lu Yunshuang, not only in terms of looks but also in temperament. Besides, how could Lu Liangwei—who only possessed beauty but no brains—rival Lu Yunshuang in talent?

He took a sip of tea slowly as if he had not heard what the Dowager Duchess had said.

Observing his manner, Lu Yunshuang felt slightly relieved and sat back in her chair again.

As soon as she sat down, Long Chi took her hand.

The wide sleeves of his robe hid their movements from sight.

The two looked at each other, and at that moment, everyone present seemed to have become a mere background for them.

Seeing this, Aunt Zheng was full of joy. When she looked at Lu Liangwei, who was beside the Dowager Duchess, her eyes flashed maliciously, and she pretended to remind her, “Weiwei, did you copy the scriptures that Madam told you to copy yesterday? Don’t forget to do it.”

Lu Liangwei sneered inwardly.

This Aunt Zheng really wanted to make things difficult for her wherever she went.

“Fortunately Aunt Zheng reminded me, otherwise I would have almost forgotten about this matter.”

Hearing this, Aunt Zheng glanced at the Dowager Duchess, the smile at the corners of her mouth widening. “My child, how forgetful you are. Although it’s Madam who punished you by making you copy the scriptures, you shouldn’t treat it as nothing.”

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