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Chapter 323: Second Miss Lu Was Dissatisfied

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Chapter 323: Second Miss Lu Was Dissatisfied

The weather was fine today. The sun shone brightly outside, but a gentle breeze blew through the waterside pavilion, ruffling the white curtains.

“… Serves the Noble Consort right. She always puts on airs and looks down on everyone, and she even tried to harm Second Miss Lu just now. Thank goodness the Emperor reacted quickly, or else the consequences would have been unimaginable. His Majesty let her off lightly by banishing her to the Cold Palace. I say that she should be hacked to death.” The Pure Consort spoke with indignation.

Lu Liangwei continued to eat gracefully without interrupting.

The Virtuous Consort shot the Pure Consort a sidelong glance. “Must you talk about such nasty stuff while eating, Pure Consort? Second Miss Lu is still young; we should not scare her.”

The Pure Consort glanced at Lu Liangwei a little sheepishly. “I just can’t stand the Noble Consort’s behavior. She almost hurt Second Miss Lu.”

Lu Liangwei still did not speak.

It was not that she sympathized with the Noble Consort. She just felt that there was no need to kick someone when they were already down.

Noticing the opposite gaze that had been on her all this time, Lu Liangwei glanced in its direction.

Ji Linghui did not avoid eye contact and smiled at her, then lowered her head.

Lu Liangwei could sense Ji Linghui’s dislike for her, but she did not mind it too much.

Because of Long Yang, there was no way she would like her.

However, this Ji Linghui was also a bit strange. She neither sucked up to Lu Liangwei like the Virtuous Consort and the Pure Consort did nor openly expressed her dislike. She just kept watching her, making her presence somewhat unignorable.

Lu Liangwei sized her up and realized that Ji Linghui and Ji Lingxiu had completely opposing personalities.

Ji Linghui was more poised. From the way she sat there quietly, she was the perfect image of a noble family’s daughter.

However, anyone could see the sadness in her eyes with just a glance, despite her efforts to conceal it.

Lu Liangwei paused and put down her chopsticks.

Seeing that she was not touching her chopsticks anymore, the Virtuous Consort ordered the servants to remove the dishes and serve tea and snacks once again.

Then, she took a beautiful box from her trusted maidservant and held Lu Liangwei’s hand, saying affectionately, “The moment I saw you, Second Miss Lu, I knew that we’d hit it off. Here’s a small gift I prepared for you; I hope you’ll like it.” As she spoke, she stuffed the box into Lu Liangwei’s hands.

Lu Liangwei did not decline. “Your gifts are naturally wonderful, Your Highness. Thank you for the reward.” Her tone was sincere, but she did not get up.

The Virtuous Consort smiled kindly. “Don’t see it as a reward. I already said that this is just a small token of friendship from me. I’m happy as long as you like it.” Despite her words, she felt slightly upset.

Lu Liangwei had yet to become Empress, but she was already acting like one. Nevertheless, she was the Emperor’s appointed Empress. It did not matter if they were not officially married yet; the girl naturally did not have to curtsy and thank her.

Lu Liangwei pretended not to see the discontent in her eyes.

Long Yang said that she did not need to mind anyone. She rarely curtsied even in front of him, so there was no reason she should break her principles when facing the Virtuous Consort.

Anyway, she would be the Empress and Long Yang’s principal wife in the future. These consorts of his would have to play up to her to survive.

However, despite thinking that way, she felt somewhat dissatisfied inside.

Although she no longer rejected being Long Yang’s Empress, she still felt a little uncomfortable accepting his imperial harem.

Thinking of this, she opened the box and glanced at the pair of translucent jasper bracelets inside. She could tell that they were valuable, and she passed them to Zhu Yu behind her. “Keep the Virtuous Consort’s gift carefully.”

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