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Chapter 324: Break The Bank

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“Alright, Miss.” Zhu Yu took it and put it away carefully.

Seeing this, the Virtuous Consort felt a sudden ache in her heart.

Although she was not short of jasper bracelets, that pair was valuable, and she was also very fond of it. However, she could not give the future Empress an ordinary item, so her gift could be considered as having cost her an arm and a leg this time.

Seeing Lu Liangwei dump it to her maidservant so carelessly, she felt even more upset.

She had long known that Lu Liangwei was the daughter of the Grand Duke’s principal wife and basked in the Grand Duke and the Dowager Duchess’s love. She usually dressed exquisitely, but she still turned up her nose at such a precious pair of bracelets.

The Virtuous Consort gripped her handkerchief in resentment.

Since the Virtuous Consort had presented a gift, the Pure Consort naturally refused to fall behind and signaled to her personal maidservant Cai Yu with a glance.

Cai Yu immediately understood and placed a long box in her hands.

The truth was, the Pure Consort had prepared two gifts.

One was better, and the other was slightly worse.

The pair of bracelets that the Virtuous Consort gave just now could already be considered one in a million. However, Lu Liangwei’s demeanor seemed to show contempt for them, so she naturally would not give her the lower quality gift.

Taking the box, the Pure Consort looked at Lu Liangwei with a smile and said affectionately, “Second Miss Lu and I hit it off right away, and I adore Second Miss Lu from the bottom of my heart. The gift I prepared may not be as good as the Virtuous Consort’s, but it’s still a token of my sincerity. I hope you won’t dislike it, Second Miss Lu.”

Hit it off right away?

Lu Liangwei chuckled inwardly.

Although all of them sat together, ate a meal, and admired the scenery peacefully, there was no way these people were not plotting something in their minds. If they had not been intimidated by how Long Yang punished the Noble Consort, how could they possibly treat her with such courtesy and thoughtfulness?

They had mainly intended to put her in her place today, but because of Long Yang’s intervention, they had to change their strategy.

Nevertheless, no matter how friendly they were on the surface, they probably hated her inside.

Lu Liangwei beamed again and said, “Please don’t tease me, Your Highness. It’s my blessing to receive gifts from both of you. I can’t even express my happiness enough, so how could I possibly be so ungrateful as to dislike it?” So stop talking nonsense and present the gift right now.

The Pure Consort was slightly relieved to hear this. She opened the box and let Li Liangwei look inside, explaining, “These pearl hairpins are more on the youthful side. They should complement Second Miss’s elegance rather well.”

Lu Liangwei took the box and examined its contents.

Some of the pearl hairpins in this box were of jade and others of gold, but all of them were made with excellent craftsmanship and appeared more exquisite and valuable than those she had seen in future museums.

Moreover, this was a whole box of them. It seemed that the Pure Consort had given her gift quite some thought.

With a smile, Lu Liangwei closed the box and handed it to Zhu Yu.

“I’ve received your token of sincerity, Your Highness. I like it very much.”

The Pure Consort felt like coughing blood, but her expression remained unchanged. “That’s good to hear. I’m glad that my careful preparations were of value.” Ugh, her heart hurt terribly.

Shifting her gaze, the Pure Consort spotted Ji Linghui, who had not spoken all this time, and an idea struck her. Since she had already broken the bank, how could Ji Linghui not experience any loss?

She said curiously, “The Prudence Consort must have prepared a gift for Second Miss Lu too. Her things have always been better than the Virtuous Consort’s and mine. Take your gift out quickly, and let us open our eyes.”

The Virtuous Consort naturally thought the same way and hurriedly chimed in, “That’s right. Take it out for us to see, Prudence Consort.”

The truth was, the Prudence Consort did not prepare a gift for Lu Liangwei at all. When she saw the Virtuous Consort and the Pure Consort diligently presenting theirs, she had wanted to feign ignorance and continue acting mute. However, now that both of them asked, she could not pretend any longer.

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