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Chapter 333: 333

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Lu Liangwei nodded. That was true.

Lin Qingyuan was now ‘dead’, and even her parents thought she was no longer alive. If Chen Xuping found out she was still alive and did not have the protection from the Minister’s Mansion, he would be even bolder than before. It was just too easy to kill a beggar like Lin Qingyuan.

“You need to be extra careful,” she reminded.

Lin Qingyuan pretended to be casual about this. “Don’t worry. I’m living quite well now. Without the restraints of rules and regulations, life is much more carefree.”

Lu Liangwei glanced at her appraisingly. It was difficult to imagine a noblewoman like Lin Qingyuan, who had always been pampered and enjoyed the best and was always arrogant and domineering, would one day be standing in this little broken-down courtyard and say such words.

“As long as you’re happy,” Lu Liangwei said lightly without exposing Lin Qingyuan’s untrue words.

Lin Qingyuan turned to her and blinked, suddenly teasing her, “I haven’t congratulated you yet, future Empress.”

Lu Liangwei shrugged. “That isn’t necessary. One more congratulatory wish or one less doesn’t make much difference.”

Lin Qingyuan’s lips twitched. “Well, just treat it as if I haven’t said anything, then.”

Lu Liangwei bumped Lin Qingyuan’s shoulders with a laugh. “Fine, I’ve received your blessings. Oh right, I’ll be leaving for Tianzhu Mountain with my grandmother tomorrow. I’ll be staying there for quite a while. You better behave yourself properly. Senior and Youyou are trustworthy people. If anything happens to you, don’t force yourself to take up the burden. You can discuss it with them.”

Lin Qingyuan turned to glance at the old beggar in the room and nodded. “I know. Tianzhu Mountain may not be far away, but you need to be careful too.”

Lu Liangwei nodded. She remembered the last assassination attempt and her expression turned grim. “I will.”

Lin Qingyuan’s expression became clouded as a thought struck her. “I snuck home to take a look two days ago. My parents have recovered from their grief…”

Lu Liangwei did not know how to console her after hearing those words.

However, Lin Qingyuan smiled. “I should feel better that my parents aren’t feeling so sad, but…”

There was some anger on her face. “I’ve only ‘died’ a few days and my parents act as if they have forgotten me. And they’re actually in the mood to try for another child.”

Lu Liangwei, “…”

She hesitated before Lin Qingyuan’s angry expression, but eventually asked, “So, you went home to eavesdrop on your parents in bed?”

Lin Qingyuan blanked out momentarily before finally reacting. The dirt on her face could not hide the sudden blush on her face. “What nonsense are you spouting? How could I sneak on them… I’ve only heard the servants talking about it in the Li Mansion. My mom is pregnant and it’s been around more than a month. This secret was well-hidden from me. I find it hard to imagine my mother is still able to get pregnant at her age. My father is truly a shameless old thing!”

Lu Liangwei gave her an exasperated glance. “If that’s the case, she must have gotten pregnant before you died. Congratulations. You’re about to have a little brother or little sister.”

Lin Qingyuan pursed her lips and laughed bitterly. “That’s right. Soon, I’ll have a little brother or little sister. It will be much easier for my parents to forget about me.”

A sorrowful look appeared on her face when she said this.

She had no idea if choosing death was the right thing to do.

At the very least, she had been able to escape from Chen Xuping.

Lu Liangwei was not used to Lin Qingyuan behaving this way. She had no idea how to console her. She gave this some thought and changed the topic. “Even if you decide to live your future as a beggar, there is no need for you to look like such a terrible mess, right?”

Lin Qingyuan smoothed her messy hair and said dismissively, “I look more like a beggar this way. No one would take a second look at me. This way, it’s easier to do whatever I want.”

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