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Chapter 334: 334

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Lu Liangwei gave a pause. “Do whatever you like.”

She felt that Li Qingyuan did not have to disguise herself so filthily to avoid people paying attention to her. It was clear from the look of this woman that she had not taken a bath for quite a number of days. The odor from her body was apparent even from a distance.

Lin Qingyuan frowned and said, “I’ve been lingering about Drunk Fragrance Pavilion for the past few days. Something about Drunk Fragrance Pavilion is different from before. Chen Xuping has not been there recently and it looks like the place is no different from a normal restaurant. I’ve been hanging around there all this while, but I haven’t been able to find any useful information. Isn’t that strange?”

Lu Liangwei took some time to think about this before saying, “It is possible that Drunk Fragrance Pavilion is now just a regular restaurant. The original business conducted there has been transferred to another location.”

Lin Qingyuan began to look anxious when she heard this. “Won’t everything I have done be for nothing? If Drunk Fragrance Pavilion has become a regular restaurant, that would mean Chen Xuping will no longer go there. What’s the point of me squatting there? I can’t even catch a whiff of any information.”

“Well, they say that the wily hare has three entrances to its burrow. I personally think that Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping do not have just one location to meet up. It would also be impossible for them to only have one place for their shady businesses. It’s not necessary for you to keep an eye only on Drunk Fragrance Pavilion. You’re a beggar now. You can go anywhere you want and no one would pay any attention. If you aren’t able to learn anything from Drunk Fragrance Pavilion, you can try going elsewhere to check things out. Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping are both in the imperial capital. If they need to rendezvous and plan something, they will be sure to meet up within the imperial capital.”

A sense of realization hit Lin Qingyuan when she heard this. “You’re right. Why didn’t I think of that? I can easily lay in wait outside the Duke Chen Mansion. Once Chen Xuping makes any strange moves, I’ll be able to get hold of him.”

Lu Liangwei quickly tried to stop her. “Chen Xuping is a very cautious man. You better not do anything rash. If he notices anything, you’ll be putting him on high alert.”

Lin Qingyuan replied seriously, “I know. I’ll be careful. I won’t make any sudden actions and let him notice anything. I’ll just make some rounds near the Duke Chen Mansion. If I spot him, I’ll watch him from afar. I won’t simply go up to him and send myself to my death.”

Lu Liangwei evaluated her words for a while before she finally stopped worrying about Lin Qingyuan. “I believe you know what you’re doing. No matter what happens, you need to prioritize your safety. The enemy is in the open while we’re hidden in the darkness. As long as we have enough patience, we’ll catch hold of them for sure.”

“That’s right,” Lin Qingyuan gave a serious nod. She now had some ideas and knew what to do after chatting with Lu Liangwei.

After speaking for a while longer with Lin Qingyuan, Lu Liangwei bade her goodbyes to the old beggar, Youyou, and the others.

“Senior, I’ll leave Miss Er Mu in your hands. There’s no need to take special care of her. You just do what you need to. It’s not necessary to be courteous to her,” Lu Liangwei said to the old beggar with a smile on her face, ignoring Lin Qingyuan who was madly trying to catch Lu Liangwei’s eye.

The beggar glanced at Lin Qingyuan and turned away, and said to Lu Liangwei with a solemn expression, “Don’t you worry, Miss Lu. As long as Miss Er Mu does not do anything rash, nothing will happen to her.”

Youyou gave Lin Qingyuan a strange look. “So, your name is Er Mu?”

‘Miss Er Mu’ glared at Lu Liangwei.

Lu Liangwei patted her shoulders and said purposefully, “Miss Er Mu, be obedient and listen to Senior. Don’t do anything stupid, do you understand?”

Lin Qingyuan was going crazy with anger as her eyes swept at Lu Liangwei furiously. Why did Lu Liangwei give her such a terrible-sounding name?

Lu Liangwei looked at her good-naturedly and mouthed the words, “Or do you prefer to be called Xiao Lin Zi?1”

Lin Qingyuan, ‘Don’t push it, Lu Liangwei!’

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