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Chapter 341: 341

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Chapter 341: Is She Really Dead

Coming back to his senses, Lu Hetian saw that his daughter was looking at him worriedly and immediately became a little embarrassed. Seeing that she had removed her coronet, he hurriedly said, “Why are you taking it off? You look good wearing it.”

Lu Liangwei put the coronet back in the box and said playfully, “Of course. I’m my mother’s daughter, after all.”

Lu Hetian stroked her hair, unable to hide the pride in his low voice, “That’s right, you inherited all your mother’s beauty. Nobody in this world can compare to both of you.”

Lu Liangwei closed the box, thought for a while, and asked, “Dad, is my mother really dead?”

She had a feeling that someone like Madam Ling would not die so young.

She did not believe in the saying that beautiful women were always ill-fated.

Lu Hetian’s pupils shrunk, and only after a long time did he reply, “It’s getting late. You still have to leave for Tianzhu Mountain tomorrow, so you should go back and pack. I’ll see you and your grandmother off tomorrow.”

Lu Liangwei noticed that he had changed the subject, and the feeling in her heart grew stronger.

However, since Lu Hetian refused to talk about it, she would not press him for an answer.

“Alright, then I’ll go back first.”

Lu Hetian picked the box up. “This box is too heavy for you. I’ll walk you back.”

Lu Liangwei stopped him, saying, “Dad, I think I’ll leave this box for you to keep. You can give it to me on the day I get married.”

Hearing this, Lu Hetian thought for a while and gave in. “That works too. Then I’ll pass it to you on your wedding day.”

“Alright.” Lu Liangwei nodded.

At night, Lu Tingchen returned from work and went straight to Dusklight Court with a jar of osmanthus wine in his hands.

Lu Liangwei was in the middle of packing for tomorrow and was surprised to see him come over. “Why have you come, Big Bro?”

Lu Tingchen removed his sword from his waist and hurled it on the table carelessly. “Why, not happy to see me?”

Lu Liangwei said with a grin, “Of course not. It’s just that it’s already late, and it’s been ages since you last came.” As she spoke, she passed her packing work to Zhu Yu and got down from the bed.

She glanced at the wine jar and drunk food on the table. “You bought these from Drunk Fragrance Pavilion again?”

“Yes. Their dishes are a little expensive, but they taste good.” Lu Tingchen sat down on a stool with a flourish.

He picked up the wine jar and removed the lute deftly. Grabbing two cups, he was about to fill them up when Lu Liangwei stopped him.

“What are you doing?”

Lu Liangwei shot him a glance signaling him to calm down, then took a clean silver needle and plunged it into the wine jar. Seeing that it did not change color, she did the same with the other side dishes.

The silver needle remained unchanged.

However, some poisons were colorless and tasteless, and even a silver needle would not detect them.

After thinking for a while, Lu Liangwei turned around, went to the medicinal room next door, and came back with a porcelain bottle.

Lu Tingchen was puzzled by her actions.

“What exactly are you trying to do?”

Lu Liangwei handed him the porcelain bottle, not answering his question. “This medicine can cure all kinds of poisons. After taking it for three consecutive days, you’ll become immune to all poisons. It contains the miracle detoxification herb that I came across the last time I went to Sacred Hillock Peak, and it’s very precious and rare, so you’d better not waste it.”

Lu Tingchen took the porcelain bottle from her and examined it, then raised an eyebrow and said with a smile, “Aren’t you worrying a little too much? Who’d have the nerve to poison me?”

Lu Liangwei said, “It’s called taking precautions.” There was no guarantee that Lu Yunshuang did not know about her brother’s love for Drunk Fragrance Pavilion’s wine. It would be too easy for her to spike the food and wine if she ever wanted to harm him.

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