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Chapter 348: 348

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Chapter 348: How Divinely Accurate Was Second Miss Lu

Long Chi, of course, had not forgotten, which was why he felt a little uncomfortable. He reached out to hold her ice-cold hands. “I haven’t forgotten, but this situation has nothing to do with the promise. I was given these women through Royal Uncle’s grace, how can I go against him? As a Crown Princess, you should be generous and forgiving, and stay considerate about the difficulties I face.”

Lu Yunshuang replied sardonically, “Stop always using Royal Uncle as an excuse. If you didn’t have any intentions toward them, you would never touch any of the beauties, even if Royal Uncle filled the Eastern Palace full of them. As for being generous and forgiving, have I not been generous and forgiving enough? His Majesty has bestowed you with so many beauties, have I ever complained even once about it?”

Long Chi was rendered speechless, but he did not think he was at fault.

It was normal for men to have several wives and concubines. Moreover, he was the Heir Apparent. She should have understood his situation from the very beginning.

Besides, even Royal Uncle had four concubines in his imperial harem and Lu Liangwei never said a word about it.

At that thought, he said with some annoyance, “Royal Uncle has so many concubines in his imperial harem, and yet, Weiwei doesn’t mind at all. You’re her older sister. You should be the one setting an example.”

A wave of emotions crashed through Lu Yunshuang’s heart when she heard this. She pointed at Long Chi and said, “Your Highness, are you saying I’m not as generous and forgiving as Weiwei?”

Long Chi frowned and he showed his annoyance much more obviously. “That wasn’t what I meant. Stop twisting my words so obstinately!”

Lu Yunshuang’s face turned grim with anger. “Long Chi, how can you say such things about me? Do you even have a conscience?”

Long Chi’s expression darkened as he tried to say patiently, “I’m not going to argue with you, because you aren’t feeling well.”

With that, he turned to Hong Xiu, who was standing by Lu Yunshuang’s side, and said, “What are you waiting for? Help the Crown Princess back to her room to get some rest.”

Hong Xiu held onto Lu Yunshuang’s arm and said carefully, “Your Highness, let’s return first.”

Lu Yunshuang flung off her hand. “I don’t want to.”

When Long Chi saw her acting this way, he lost all patience with her. He sneered and left with a flick of his sleeve.

Lu Yunshuang felt immense frustration and anger as she witnessed this. Right at that moment, she felt spasms of pain from her tummy.

“Ah!” She screamed and hugged her tummy.

Hong Xiu’s expression changed in fright as she quickly helped up Lu Yunshuang once more. “Crown Princess, what’s wrong?”

“My… my tummy hurts…” Lu Yunshuang looked as white as a sheet. She watched the man walk further away from her without even looking back, and felt a deep disappointment toward him.

“My… my child. I might not be able to keep it any longer…”

Hong Xiu went pale with fright as she shouted for Long Chi, who was walking further and further away. “Your Highness, the Crown Princess’ tummy hurts. The child in her might be in danger…”

Long Chi paused in his steps, but the thought of Lu Yunshuang still having the stamina to argue made him think that this could possibly be one of her tricks. He decided to ignore her and left immediately.

Hong Xiu did not dare look at the Crown Princess’ expression when she saw this. She was about to bring the Crown Princess somewhere safe when her eyes caught sight of a bright red mark at the corner of the Crown Princess’ skirt. Hong Xiu immediately screamed.

“Blood, the Crown Princess is bleeding…”

Hong Xiu thought of something and shouted in a panic, “Somebody, get an imperial physician here…”

The news of Lu Yunshuang miscarrying spread like wildfire through the Palace. Even Zhao Qian heard about it.

He thought, ‘How divinely accurate was Second Miss Lu’. She had gotten it right.

However, this was the Crown Prince’s child, after all. Zhao Qian gave it a thought and decided to report this matter to Long Yang.

Long Yang said nothing when he heard this. All he did was get Zhao Qian to deliver some restorative medicine suitable for women who had miscarried to the Eastern Palace.

Zhao Qian had just left when Chu Qi suddenly said, “Master, something happened the last time that I have yet to inform you about.”

Long Yang was marking Palace Memorials and did not even lift his head. “What is it?”

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