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Chapter 361: 361

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Chapter 361: A Major Villain

He was the major villain of the story, right?

He was Long Chi’s strongest competitor for the throne.

There was unrest in Lu Liangwei’s heart.

Why had Long Xiao suddenly shown up here?

She only came back to her senses as they reached the entrance of the Lu Family holiday home, too shocked to fully process the information.

As for Long Xiao and his men, who were previously trailing behind them, they were now gone.

Chu Jiu explained, “I watched them go up the mountain. They must be headed for Tianzhu Temple.”

Lu Liangwei stopped overthinking when she heard Chu Jiu’s words.

Even though she could not understand why Long Xiao was here, this had nothing to do with her, right?

A thought suddenly came to her mind and she turned to look at Zhu Yu. “How did you manage to persuade them to come up the mountain to save us?”

As the major villain in the original story, Long Xiao had never been a busybody. He was wildly ambitious and determined to have the throne. Why would he take extra time out of his day to sympathize with a stranger?

Something flashed through Zhu Yu’s eyes. Under the intense stare of her Miss, she stuttered, “I was afraid that Miss was in danger and I used the Grand Duke Family’s name in panic…”

She was actually a little surprised that those men had come up the mountain without a shred of hesitation after they heard her mention the Grand Duke Family.

Lu Liangwei came to a realization when she heard this.

No wonder.

Anyone who wanted to get close to the throne would of course want to establish some ties with the Grand Duke Family.

There were many dejected about lacking the opportunity to get into the Grand Duke Family’s good graces, which was why many would be willing to entertain the cry for help, in case it was actually the family in danger. Long Xiao had always wanted to have the Grand Duke Family on his side.

She sighed and said, “You were under immense pressure and had no choice. This isn’t your fault, but you need to be more careful next time.”

Some debts cannot be easily settled, especially when the Grand Duke Family had always been wary about getting embroiled in politics.

Even though Long Xiao was not able to make her owe him any amount of debt, such a situation should still be avoided. She could not allow her father and brother to land in a tight spot because of her.

“I will remember your words, Miss,” Zhu Yu knew she had acted rashly, and her voice became very quiet.

“Just remember what I have said. I’m not blaming you for anything,” Lu Liangwei consoled her.

When the servants saw Chu Jiu carrying the two men in black, they immediately reported back to the Dowager Duchess.

The assassination attempt at the foot of the mountain could never stay a secret, so Lu Liangwei told the Dowager Duchess about what had happened.

The Dowager Duchess was furious when she heard. “How dare these crooks?!”

After she had calmed down, fear followed.

She was so close to never seeing Weiwei again.

The Dowager Duchess fell into deep sorrow and regret at the thought.

“Grandmother, I’m fine. It was lucky that Chu Jiu saved me,” Lu Liangwei did not want the old lady to worry herself over this and purposely spoke about the matter in a carefree manner.

“You have no idea how strong Chu Jiu is. She was carrying me, but she was still able to run like the wind, leaving those bunch of assassins far behind us.”

The Dowager Duchess’s expression looked slightly calmer as she caressed Lu Liangwei’s head lovingly. “That’s good. That girl, Chu Jiu, is pretty impressive. She looks quite thin and if you hadn’t mentioned this, it would be difficult for me to believe she was so strong.”

“That’s right. I might not be plump, but I’m still a fully-grown adult. She’s truly formidable to be able to carry me and sprint so speedily,” Lu Liangwei continued to talk up Chu Jiu.

The Dowager Duchess was quite grateful. The Emperor had thought this out quite well this time. If he had not gifted them a guard to protect Weiwei, this might have ended terribly.

“Have you gotten any clues about who was trying to assassinate you?” The Dowager Duchess began thinking about this after she had calmed down.

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