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Chapter 363: 363

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Chapter 363: A Beauty That Balanced Between Masculinity And Femininity

By the time Lu Liangwei and the Dowager Duchess arrived, the woodshed was back to its normal state of cleanliness and the two assassins were gone. There was no trace of the blood that had just spilled all over the floor just moments ago.

“Jiu, did you manage to interrogate anything out of them?” Lu Liangwei glanced toward the woodshed and turned her gaze to Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu walked out of the woodshed when she spotted Lu Liangwei heading toward her.

Chu Jiu was wearing black, form-fitting clothing. It complemented her long legs, which were straight and slender. Her long dark hair was kept in place at the top of her head with just a wooden hairpin.

She looked cold and distant, yet valiant and deft.

A look of admiration flashed in Lu Liangwei’s eyes.

Women in this era were usually graceful and restrained. It was a rare sight to see an androgynous beauty such as Chu Jiu.

She had seen many different types of beauties before and it was quite a welcome sight to occasionally spot a beauty like Chu Jiu.

Chu Jiu was not the kind of girl who looked particularly pretty. Her skin was ashy, much unlike other girls who had soft tender skin. This could be due to a long-term lack of upkeep on her part.

If one were to take a closer look, Chu Jiu’s features were quite lovely, and she possessed a unique charisma about her.

Lu Liangwei quite admired an unorthodox beauty such as that woman.

It was a beauty that balanced between masculinity and femininity, and was certainly a sight to behold.

Chu Jiu felt a little self-conscious at Lu Liangwei’s stares, but nodded anyway. “They were sent out by a group of assassins called House of Swallow Snow, well-known in the martial world. As for the employer, they didn’t know who that might be.”

Lu Liangwei was slightly puzzled. “House of Swallow Snow?”

She had thought that the people behind her assassination might have just been someone secretly grooming a bunch of soldiers of death for fun, and she was just an unfortunate victim. She would never have expected someone to really pay to have her assassinated.

She remembered the original story had mentioned the organization of assassins personally established by Lu Yunshuang. This was not the name given to them.

This easily excluded Chen Xuping and Lu Yunshuang as suspects for the assassination attempt.

If this was not their doing, the list of suspects had gotten shorter.

A cold, sharp look crossed her eyes.

If it was not Lu Yunshuang and Chen Xuping, then it could be a number of people in the Palace.

Who would want her killed?

Anyone could be a suspect if they had a motive for her murder.

She might have been thinking about this, but her expression remained calm.

She did not want to make any statements without evidence and give her grandmother additional worry.

The Dowager Duchess had no idea that Lu Liangwei already had a few suspects in mind within such a short time. The Dowager Duchess frowned, “This only means it will be even more difficult for us to find out the mastermind behind this.”

When Lu Liangwei heard this, she realized that the Dowager Duchess knew about the House of Swallow Snow too. She asked curiously, “Grandmother, is the House of Swallow Snow very formidable?”

The Dowager Duchess nodded. “Yes. The House of Swallow Snow already existed during the previous Emperor’s reign. It might be called a house of assassins, but they do not actually have a physical base. No one knows who the leader is and the assassins belonging to the house are scattered all around the world. They conduct their missions via secret signals. That’s why even they have no idea who their employer is. House of Swallow Snow is an extremely secretive organization, which is why those hiring them are never worried about their secrets getting exposed.”

Lu Liangwei was very surprised when she heard this. “I never thought that there would be an organization of assassins like this!”

They were very secretive and there really was no room for exposing who their employers were.

The Dowager Duchess’ expression was a little grim. “Even though they are an organization in the martial world, the House of Swallow Snow is almost impossible to put a stop to. If their first assassination attempt were to fail, there would always be a second…”

The Dowager Duchess paused and did not continue.

Lu Liangwei’s heart skipped a beat and continued on her grandmother’s behalf, “Once they accept a mission, they won’t stop until the person has been assassinated?”

Though her grandmother did not say a word, Lu Liangwei was able to guess a thing or two from her grim expression.

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