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Chapter 365: 365

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Chapter 365: Put An End To All Future Problems

It took only one look from Lu Liangwei to know what Zhu Yu was thinking. She found this quite funny and said, “Don’t worry, if there’s anyone I didn’t like, it would never be you, dear Miss Zhu Yu.”

Zhu Yu’s face turned red when she heard this. “Miss, you’re always teasing me…”

Despite the blushing, she still thought the words were sweet and could not help but give Chu Jiu a delighted look, which could have been interpreted as her provoking Chu Jiu.

Lu Liangwei shook her head and helped the Dowager Duchess back to her room.

Imperial Capital, Duke Chen Mansion.

Chen Xuping had not been anywhere recently, not even Drunk Fragrance Pavilion. When his personal page boy came up to inform him that Hong Xiu was there to see him, he frowned.

She had already arrived and it would be terrible if Lu Yunshuang happened to be caught up in an emergency.

He was about to say something about rejecting the meeting when he made himself swallow the words at that thought.

“Bring her in.”

It was not long before Hong Xiu entered.

She was dressed very ordinarily and no one would have been able to tell that she was the personal maidservant of the Crown Princess.

“Does the Crown Princess have anything to inform me about?” Chen Xuping asked directly.

Hong Xiu noticed his anxiousness as she took a glance at his handsome features. She felt a little pity for Lu Yunshuang’s loss.

If it was not for the fact that her Miss was ambitious and wanted to be at the top of the world, Duke Chen’s Heir Presumptive would have been a good match for her.

At the very least, Heir Presumptive Chen really did like her Miss and he bore absolutely no thoughts of gaining any advantages from their relationship.

“Her Highness wanted me to bring you news of Lu Liangwei being in Tianzhu Mountain. She won’t be returning for a while. This is the best time to take action.”

A murderous look appeared in his eyes when Chen Xuping heard this.

He had wanted to kill Lu Liangwei long ago and put an end to any and all future problems.

However, the assassins he had sent out the last time could not complete their mission. None of them had lived and to date, he had yet to find out what exactly happened to them on the day of their deaths.

He immediately sensed that things may not be as simple as they seemed and from that day onward, he relocated all the assassins from Drunk Fragrance Pavilion to another secret location.

He had a feeling that the last assassination attempt had caused Drunk Fragrance Pavilion to be under some scrutiny.

He had to remove all traces of evidence in order to prevent Drunk Fragrance Pavilion’s shady business from being exposed, and had even stopped visiting the restaurant.

The thing was, he had yet to inform Lu Yunshuang about this, yet she had already sent Hong Xiu to his place.

He was worried that someone was watching him in secret and might discover the close relationship he had with Lu Yunshuang, which would end up causing her trouble.

“Something’s changed. Our assassins are temporarily immobilized. Inform her when you return that I will make arrangements according to our changing circumstances. Also, let’s try to avoid meeting in the future unless it’s something urgent. I suspect that someone might be watching us.”

Hong Xiu was shocked when she heard this. “I came from the Palace to see you today, wouldn’t that mean I’ve…”

“It’s fine. It would just be an indication that I have a good relationship with Her Highness at the most. No one would think any further than that at the moment,” Chen Xuping narrowed his eyes as he said this.

Hong Xiu was still a little worried after hearing this. “If that’s the case, I should head back now.”

“Alright,” Chen Xuping paused.

He continued with worry, “How is Her Highness doing now?”

News of the Crown Princess’ miscarriage had spread within and also far outside the Palace. Chen Xuping was naturally well-aware of it as well.

There were many jeering about this privately, talking about how lucky it was for Lu Yunshuang to be able to marry the Crown Prince, only for her to suffer a miscarriage during her first pregnancy. It would probably be even more difficult for her to get pregnant in the future.

These were words that he had heard Aunt Liu saying to the other concubines in private.

The happiest person about it was probably Aunt Liu. She must think that with her daughter now in the Palace and having the opportunity to be with the Crown Prince, she would be able to enjoy a higher status in the future.

She should think about what sort of person her daughter was, a seductive woman just like herself that was not suited to having a public presence. How could she compare to the pure, perfect, charismatically elegant Lu Yunshuang?

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