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Chapter 395: 395

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Chapter 395: Could Not Help Reaching Out Toward Her

When Long Chi saw her looking over at him, he put on what he thought was a charming smile. “What’s wrong?”

The gears in Lu Liangwei’s mind churned and she suddenly said, “Is that all you’ve got, Your Highness?”

Long Chi’s eyes narrowed slightly, but the movement of his hand grew faster.

Lu Liangwei was slightly satisfied when she saw that. If he was willing to lower his status and service her by fanning her on a warm day, how could she not take the opportunity to get something out of it?

“Good boy, dear nephew. When his Majesty returns, I’ll be sure to bestow upon you a few words of praise when I see him,” Lu Liangwei said with an understanding look on her face.

Long Chi’s fanning slowed down. “You think I’m hoping for you to praise me in front of Royal Uncle?”

“Is that not the case?” Lu Liangwei asked in feigned astonishment.

Long Chi’s lips pursed as he suddenly violently flung the fan from his hand onto the marble table next to him. He reached out, attempting to grab her hand.

“Lu Liangwei, stop pretending. You purposely hit that thing toward me earlier to grab my attention, but now, you’re trying to put some distance between us. You’re a good actress, but you don’t fool me!”

Lu Liangwei showed him a silver needle in her hand. “Don’t ever say I didn’t remind you, Your Highness. This silver needle has been dipped in lethal poison. If you accidentally get pricked, you’ll drop dead on the spot. If Your Highness is seeking a thrill, playing this game might be fun.”

Long Yan stopped what he was doing when he heard this.

“Lu Liangwei, you’re vicious!”

“Better for me to be vicious than you to be acting disgustingly.” Lu Liangwei played with the silver needle in her hand. If he still dared to reach his hand over to hers, she would not hesitate to prick him.

Who did he think he was? Why did he think she had purposely tried to attract his attention?

He should take a good look at himself and his character in the mirror.

He was the one who had stood by too closely, yet he was blaming her for hitting the shuttlecock at him? He was grossly misinterpreting her actions. How ridiculous was that?!

Long Chi was slightly embarrassed, but when he looked at her pure, beautiful face, a strong feeling arose in him.

She did not have any head accessories on, nor a trace of make-up, yet her beauty stirred his soul greatly. He wanted so badly to yank her roughly into his arms and touch her delicate lips with his.

The disgruntled feeling in his heart kept him from stepping away as his gaze fell upon her face, his eyes giving her an intoxicated look.

How had he never noticed before how beautiful she was?

If he had known earlier, he would have never…

Although, it was not too late now. His Royal Uncle was impotent, anyway. Once Royal Uncle passed, he would be able to possess her, and she would still be complete and pure.

The gloominess in his heart dissipated at this thought.

As he stared at her gorgeous, delicate face, he could not help reaching out toward her.


Something shot at him suddenly, hitting him hard on the back of his hand.

Long Chi paused as he looked at the assaulting object that had fallen to the ground. A dark look covered his handsome face.

“Chu Jiu, how can you be so careless?” Zhu Yu complained as she jogged over.

She turned toward Long Chi to apologize, “Please forgive us, Your Highness. Chu Jiu had a bad aim on that swing. I hope you aren’t hurt.”

It may have sounded like a plea for forgiveness, but she did not kneel. Her little face displayed her fear and worry, as if that was what had made her forget to get on her knees.

Lu Liangwei praised Zhu Yu silently.

This girl, Zhu Yu, was getting smarter by the day. She and Chu Jiu made a good pair together.

Long Chi brought down his hand and decided not to punish her on account of Lu Liangwei, although his voice was low and he sounded unhappy. “Be more careful next time.”

“Thank you for the pardon, Your Highness,” Zhu Yu said with a fearful look.

She turned to Lu Liangwei and said, “Miss, it’s getting warmer. Let’s hurry up and head back indoors.”

“Okay.” Lu Liangwei tried to suppress her laughter as she picked the shuttlecock up from the ground. She did not give Long Chi another glance before she quickly walked out of the pavilion.

Long Chi reached out his hand. “Weiwei…”

Lu Liangwei stopped in her tracks.

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