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Chapter 410: 410

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Chapter 410: I Was The One Who Wooed Second Miss Lu

Chi Qi was not Zhao Qian.

If Zhao Qian had witnessed that, he would have given deeper thought to it.

All Chu Qi felt was mild curiosity.

“Change course to Xiangyang City,” Long Yang’s cold, dignified voice suddenly rang out.

Chu Qi gave a start and guided his horse forward. “Master, why the decision?”

Xiangyang City belonged to Long Xiao, the Prince of Xiangyang. Besides that, it was not even on the way to the capital.

Long Xiao used to love following Long Yang, but after leaving for Xiangyang when the land was bestowed upon him, he rarely returned to the imperial capital.

The Prince of Xiangyang was likely still extremely upset about his master appointing Long Chi as the Heir Apparent. He must have harbored thoughts of rebellion at some point.

His master was now entering Xiangyang City with such a basic convoy. If the Prince of Xiangyang was up to anything, his master would almost immediately be in a losing position.

Long Yang could sense Chu Qi’s thoughts. His eyes glinted with amusement. “Eleventh Brother is not that stupid. Royal Sister took care of him for a while when he was younger, so he has always respected her. He won’t do anything to us now.”

Chu Qi stopped trying to convince his master when he heard this.

His master knew what he was doing. He would never make a decision he was not confident in.

Chu Qi had no choice but to carry out his orders.

Long Qingzhi was delighted when she found out they were going to Xiangyang City.

She felt quite melancholy when she reminisced about her childhood. “When I got married all those years ago, Eleventh Brother was still just a little child. He kept crying, begging for me not to get married to Danjue. In a blink of an eye, twenty years have passed and we have not yet seen each other since. He must be married with children now, right?”

A little smile appeared on Long Yang’s lips. “You’ve guessed wrong, Sis. Eleventh Brother has always had an arrogant personality. He has yet to take a wife.”

When Long Qingzhi heard this, she suddenly glared at him and questioned, “What about you? You’re five years older than Eleventh Brother. Why are you only marrying now?”

Long Yang glanced at her. He knew she had questions, but did not plan to explain. All he said was, “You could say that I hadn’t found destiny yet.”

“Has your destiny arrived now?” Long Qingzhi asked with a raised eyebrow.

Long Yang’s lips curved upward. “Yes. My destiny has arrived.”

Long Qingzhi could not help teasing him when she noticed the happy look on his face. “I would never have guessed that you were someone who could act this way.”

Long Yang looked at her. “Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, you’re robbing the cradle,” Long Qingzhi could not help laughing.

Her little brother was now thirty and Second Miss Lu was only fifteen. There were fifteen years between the two of them.

She was just a girl of fifteen, old enough to be his daughter. What a tender age for her brother to want to marry to.

Long Yang coughed lightly as his handsome face turned a little red. He was slightly embarrassed. “It’s not like what you think…”

In fact, he himself had never expected to fall for such a young girl.

However, every time he saw her, joy bloomed in his heart. He was filled with happiness and contentment every time he looked at her. He felt even happier being with her than he had felt when he ascended to the throne all those years ago.

When Long Qingzhi saw that rare embarrassed look on his face, she continued teasing him while gently rocking her son in her arms to comfort him. “If it’s not what I think, what is it truly about then? It can’t be that this young girl is harassing you to marry her, could it?”

Her younger brother had always had a stiff personality, ever since they were young. He had always been an independent and decisive person, acting mature from a young age and never revealing his emotions easily.

Now that he had been on the throne for decades, the dignified aura about him was stronger, and it was not easy to pick on him.

There were times that even she could not help fearing and respecting him when she looked him in the eyes.

A situation like this, where she had the opportunity to tease him, was hard to come by.

“That’s where you’re wrong. I was the one who wooed Second Miss Lu,” Long Yang’s tone sounded serious, not leaving any room for anyone to second-guess him.

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