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Chapter 421: 421

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Chapter 421: Felt Herself Being Carried

A smile flashed in his eyes as something crossed his mind.

Weiwei had made too large a portion of noodles and he could not finish them. He placed the chopsticks down as he got up and walked toward the inner room.

When he entered, the scene before him left him at a loss of whether to laugh or to cry.

That girl must have been really tired, yet she would not allow herself to fall asleep. She was leaning against the bed’s pillar at the moment. Her petite little head was nodding continuously, like a chick pecking on rice.

Long Yang sighed quietly as he approached her.

Lu Liangwei felt herself being carried and tucked under her soft blankets.

She pried her sleepy eyes open and looked at the man in front of her, saying carelessly, “Your Majesty, please help yourself out… I… I’ll just take a short nap.” With that, she stopped looking at him and closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Long Yang sat next to her bed as he watched her in amusement.

His gaze fell upon her forehead and he noticed a thin layer of sweat. He thought she must not like the heat, so he picked up a round silk fan left on a small table and gently fanned her.

The light breeze blew slowly on her as the sleeping Lu Liangwei muttered some satisfied sounds.

Long Yang wiped away the sweat on her forehead with his handkerchief and continued fanning her for a while. He finally felt more relaxed when he saw that she was no longer sweating.

He guessed that she probably would not wake up anytime soon. Long Yang sat for a while longer before standing up to leave for the Palace.

When he left Lu Liangwei’s room, he saw Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu returning at the same time.

They immediately came forward to greet him when they saw him emerge.

Long Yang instructed, “Your Miss has fallen asleep inside. Don’t wake her. Look after her as she’s not fond of the heat. If she feels warm, fan her.”

Zhu Yu immediately obeyed and went into the room to look after Lu Liangwei.

Chu Jiu said respectfully to Long Yang, “Master, Second Miss has encountered assassins twice. I was supposed to report this to you back in Tianzhu Mountain, but you left so suddenly that I didn’t get to tell you.”

Long Yang’s eyes turned dark. “When did this happen?”

“The first time was at Tianzhu Mountain, which was also the day you transferred the Grand Duke to Huaizhou. The second time was in the imperial capital, although Miss was not harmed at all.”

Long Yang felt a tight grip around his heart. Weiwei had encountered assassins again, yet he knew nothing about it. He asked grimly, “Have you managed to find out who was behind it?”

“I have been incapable. I was not able to find out the mastermind behind this, although those two sets of assassins were sent out from the House of Swallow Snow,” Chu Jiu replied.

“House of Swallow Snow?” Long Yang’s almond-shaped eyes narrowed.

He had obviously heard about this assassin organization before.

Chu Jiu nodded. “That’s right.”

She thought of something and said with a grim expression, “What do we do next? The House of Swallow Snow won’t give up so easily.”

Long Yang had never taken this organization from the martial world to heart before, but this incident involved Weiwei and he could not act carelessly. Moreover, the House of Swallow Snow had a rule about never giving up until their target was successfully assassinated. This made it even more crucial for him to be extra careful.

“I will transfer covert guards here to protect Second Miss secretly,” he said without hesitation.

Chu Jiu felt secretly relieved when she heard this.

She did not fear those assassins from the House of Swallow Snow, but the organization was much too difficult to deal with. There could come a moment when she would be unable to protect Lu Liangwei by herself, but it was all good now since her master will be transferring covert guards here. Second Miss now had an additional guarantee for her safety.

The covert guards were supposed to protect her master, but the current situation made her master decide to transfer the covert guards to protect Second Miss without hesitation. It seemed that her master must be truly fond of Second Miss.

Long Yang did not stay long and he returned to the Palace very soon.

He summoned Shi Yi the moment he reached the Palace. He gave Shi Yi the covert guard warrant and instructed, “Protect Second Miss in secret. There’s no need to make an appearance in front of her unnecessarily.”

Shi Yi accepted the warrant. “I will do as you command.”

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