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Chapter 422: 422

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Chapter 422: Long Yang Was Very Gentle With Her

It was already evening by the time Lu Liangwei woke up.

She leaned against the bedrest, her eyes slightly dazed.

Zhu Yu brought her a hand towel to wipe her face clean. When she saw Lu Liangwei’s dazed expression, she said with a teasing smile, “Miss must not know what His Majesty said to me before he left.”

Lu Liangwei took the hand towel and covered her face with it.

It was nice and cooling, and felt so comfortable that she could not help sighing with satisfaction.

“What did His Majesty say?” Lu Liangwei removed the hand towel and handed it back to Zhu Yu.

Zhu Yu took the towel and mimicked Long Yang’s tone, repeating what he had instructed her just now.

Lu Liangwei was slightly taken aback. “Did he really say that?”

Zhu Yu nodded and said with a big smile, “Miss, His Majesty really treats you with concern. He even remembers such a small detail like that, afraid of you waking up from the heat. Even I was touched by it.”

A smile flashed in Lu Liangwei’s pretty eyes. She pinched Zhu Yu’s cheek. “That’s enough to make you touched?”

“Isn’t that enough?” Zhu Yu asked with a blank expression.

Lu Liangwei smiled but said nothing.

She had never thought that Long Yang would notice something so minor. He was surprisingly considerate.

It probably had something to do with his age and experience. Older men were usually more considerate and knew how to take care of others.

What he did would not have been worth mentioning if it was a normal person, but Long Yang was the Emperor. His status was tied to the country and the land. The burden on his shoulders was not a light one, yet he had still taken the time to care about such an insignificant detail about her. This was a precious gesture.

Lu Liangwei had to admit that even she was a little touched.

Long Yang was truly gentle and considerate with her!

“Let’s go. I want to make Grandmother a bowl of longevity noodles.” Lu Liangwei touched her burning face and put aside the messy thoughts in her mind as she got up and put on her shoes.

By the time Lu Liangwei brought over the noodles to Longevity Hall, Lu Hetian and Lu Tingchen had already arrived.

Lu Tingchen noticed the food basket in her hands and was curious about it. “Weiwei, what did you make?”

Lu Liangwei blinked at him. “Take a guess.”

Lu Tingchen immediately reached out to snatch the food basket from her. “I just have to open it to find out. What need is there to guess?”

Before his hand could even touch the food basket in Lu Liangwei’s hand, something struck the back of his hand. “Why are you always bullying your younger sister?”

Lu Tingchen looked at his father with an aggrieved expression.

When did he ever bully Weiwei?

Lu Liangwei enjoyed watching how Lu Tingchen got upset but did not dare to say a word. She shook her head about and said in the haughty tone of a teacher, “Young man, it’s not right for you to be acting so rashly. What shall we do with you if you aren’t even willing to make an educated guess?”

“You little rascal…”

“Who are you scolding?” Lu Hetian glared sternly at him.

Lu Tingchen shut his mouth up awkwardly.

The Dowager Duchess could not stand watching her grandchild being rebuked by her son. She could not help but frown at Lu Hetian and say, “The siblings are just having fun with each other. What are you acting so fiercely for?”

Lu Hetian choked on his words. His mother was obviously siding with that rascal of a son of his. If he continued reprimanding his son, he would end up being reprimanded by her.

Lu Tingchen was secretly happy to see his father instantly zipping his mouth after lecturing him with such a sense of authority.

His father would only reprimand him but was very docile when it came to facing his grandmother.

When she saw that her son had stopped speaking, the Dowager Duchess looked benevolently as Lu Liangwei. “What did you make, Weiwei?”

Lu Liangwei placed the food basket on the table. “Grandmother, I’ve made longevity noodles for you.”

She opened the food basket as she said this and brought out a bowl of longevity noodles from it, placing it on the table in front of the Dowager Duchess.

The Dowager Duchess’ eyes were filled with warm delight when she saw this. “Weiwei, you really are filial to me. I’ve lived such a long life, but your father has never made me a bowl of noodles before. Your mother was the only one…”

The Dowager Duchess suddenly stopped talking and did not finish her sentence. She took the chopsticks handed to her by Aunt Lan and lowered her head to quietly eat her noodles.

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