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Chapter 426: 426

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Chapter 426: Why Did They Close The Doors During The Daytime

Zhu Yu told the story gloatingly.

She simply wanted to see the Crown Prince suffer misfortune.

Who asked him to break Miss’s heart back then? Being made to wear the horns now was his just desserts.

Regardless of the legitimacy of the claim, the common folk outside were already spreading it like fact—the Crown Prince was definitely going to end up being labeled a cuckold.

Lu Liangwei’s lips curved upward. She was not too surprised at how things had turned out.

Aunt Liu had only gone to the Eastern Palace because Lu Liangwei told Chu Jiu to disclose Chen Qiyu’s disappearance to her.

According to Lin Qingyuan’s analysis, Chen Qiyu’s disappearance was undoubtedly planned by Lu Yunshuang.

Aunt Liu causing a scene at the Eastern Palace would not affect Lu Yunshuang too much. After all, if she dared to make Chen Qiyu disappear, she must have at least been prepared to deal with the aftermath. However, Aunt Liu would not give up that easily. Chen Qiyu was her only daughter, and she was greatly favored by Duke Chen. If she chose to make a fuss, she would throw Lu Yunshuang into a state of helter-skelter for a while, at least.

Lin Qingyuan had witnessed Chen Qiyu being knocked out by two men and transported to Xiawu Town, which meant that Chen Qiyu’s life should not be in danger at the moment. On the other hand, if Lu Yunshuang was willing to go to so much extra trouble, her plan must definitely not be as simple as killing her.

Then how was Lu Yunshuang planning to deal with Chen Qiyu?

Lu Liangwei thought of the business that Lu Yunshuang ran in private.

According to Lin Qingyuan, Chen Qiyu had a foxy appearance. She was even told that Chen Qiyu was greatly favored by Long Chi since entering the Eastern Palace. Given Lu Yunshuang’s viciousness, there was no doubt she would love to make Chen Qiyu’s life a living hell.

It was pretty self-evident how she would torture Chen Qiyu.

If Chen Qiyu could be found, Lu Yunshuang would be in for a huge shock.

However, it was easier said than done.

After all, Chen Qiyu had already been missing for ten days. Lu Yunshuang must have sent her to a very secret place.

Managing to find Chen Qiyu meant discovering the localities that Lu Yunshuang managed in secret.

“Miss, don’t you feel satisfied with this?” Zhu Yu winked and pointed to the top of her head. “That person’s wearing the horns now.”

Lu Liangwei could not help laughing. “Yes, very satisfied.” If she had guessed right, Long Chi was not only wearing one pair but several pairs of horns. In fact, it was his Crown Princess herself who put them on him.

Lu Liangwei laughed heartily at the thought.

Seeing this, Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu turned to look at her.

“Why are you so happy, Miss?”

“Yes, why are you so pleased, Second Miss Lu?”

The moment the words left Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu’s mouths, a man’s deep and cheerful voice came from outside the door.

Lu Liangwei turned her head, looking at the man who had appeared outside the door in surprise. “Why have you left the palace?”

Gazing at her with his bottomless eyes, Long Yang sauntered in.

Zhu Yu and Chu Jiu looked at each other, then retreated quickly and even considerately closed the door for good measure.

Lu Liangwei did not think much about the situation at first, but when she saw the closed doors, she could not help feeling a little nervous.

Why would those girls close the doors during the daytime?

Long Yang approached her, swiping the round silk fan from the table and fanning her gently.

“If the mountain won’t come to me, then I must go to the mountain,” Long Yang said pointedly and sat down beside her.

Lu Liangwei shifted aside subconsciously.

“Am I some kind of scourge?” Long Yang sighed, raising his arm and putting it around her shoulder.

Lu Liangwei shook her head. “I did not think anything of that sort. It’s just so hot.” With that, she snatched the round silk fan from him and fanned herself vigorously.

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